Animal Lives Matter

by amaliatoma on Février 10, 2017 - 11:17am

            Animal cruelty is a subject that is being disregarded by many but shouldn’t be. Numerous people take this subject very lightly and don’t really know or think about it. I guarantee that many readers reading this will be surprised to find out the amount of times a Canadian abuses an animal. This is why I’ve taken on this issue and have chosen to talk about it. 

            There’s an article from CBC news called “Animal abuse on the rise across Canada” written by Brodie Fenlon and posted on Nov 11, 2016. It talks about a specific example of an incident where a dog was subjected to maltreatment. The dog was chained to the back of its owner’s car and dragged all the way through a country road. Then, the article gives an estimate number of received calls regarding animal abuse. The number is around 16,000 calls coming from Ontario and the worst part is, most of the time, the abusers get away with it. Additionally, the laws for animal abuse are not harsh enough to prevent such abuses. The maximum penalty a Canadian may be faced with is six months in jail, a $2000 fine and a two-year ban from owning a pet. 

            Now, with this said, there are easy contributions one can make in order to minimize and control animal abuse. Simple steps such as; supporting any initiatives to strengthen your state’s anti-cruelty laws, contributing or volunteering at your local shelter and getting pet care/behavior pamphlets for you and your fellow coworkers. All these small measure can help diminish/prevent animal abuse. It doesn’t take much to help and it certainly doesn’t hurt to spread the word if you care for animals.   

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