Kevin O’Leary : The Canadian Trump is Running For Prime Minister

by anthonydm on Février 9, 2017 - 11:27pm

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman as well as a reality TV star. He is running to be at the lead of the federal Conservative party, along with 13 other people.

News summary from an article by BBC News wrote on January 18th
This article does not have an author: it means that BBC, a pretty trusted news site, takes responsibility for this article, which makes it reliable.

He has been compared to Donald Trump since he has a TV and business background, and because he shows excessive pride and self-satisfaction, exactly like a lot of people would judge Trump. O’Leary was born in Montreal and is calling himself business-minded, since he is an investor and entrepreneur, and is fiscally conservative. Mr. O’Leary said, in a media statement, "I am a successful Canadian businessman with a great deal of international experience," as well as, "I am the only candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau.” He also calls himself the only candidate who can confront Trump, the current US President, on cross border issues. While Mr. O’Leary has praised Trump on multiple occasions, he said that he does not approve of many of his policies.

The new Conservative leader will be picked on May 27th. O’Leary has no experience in elected office. He has called the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, a ‘’surfer dude’’ on social media. Some people, like Lisa Raitt, who is a veteran politician, launched a website called ‘’Stop Kevin O’Leary’’ and designed him as an ‘’Irresponsible’’ populist. More on that here:

Kevin O’Leary has also received bad press for not speaking one of Canada’s official languages: French. As a French speaking Canadian, I think that this is a pretty big issue, since I believe that this shows that O’Leary would not represent Canadians appropriately. I also consider myself to have Centre-left views on politics, which makes Mr. O’Leary less appealing to me, as he has an exceedingly rightist point of view according to this article.