Everyone can be a journalist ! Even you can be one !

by pascaleworld on Février 3, 2017 - 10:41am

Fake news are all over the place. EVeryone is talking about it, even the president of the United-States: Donald Trump. The awareness of fake news has raised, but it is hard to find the truth. " How can we find the truth? How can we learn to differ fake news from the real ones? ". Nowadays, everyone can write a post on Internet and call themselves a journalist. It is now hard to define what a journalist really is. "Is a journalist someone who works for a newspaper company? Or is it just someone that reports something on social medials?". Many questions are unanswered, but we are being given the tools to confirm the reliability of our news now.


 Ellie Bruckner decided to talk about it in her article " BRUCKNER: President Trump poses threat to freedom of the press" published the first of February on the Daily Nebraskan. You may wonder if her article is fake or not, as she writes a lot about her opinion, but the facts she uses are always linked to another article. She gives to the reader the possibility to look at the sources she used. In general, she explains how Trump is trying to reduce the media's credibility and as well their work. Right from the beginning of her article, she refers to the inauguration day and the protests that occured the same day. This is something I already knew, but she then proceeds to report the number of journalists and protesters arrested afterwads. She also believes Trump is pressuring the media, trying to prevent them from writing more articles, starting with arresting them during the protests. Furthermore, Donald Trump has been "clashing"  with many of our popular news source such as New York Times, claiming they are all posting fake news. Really ironic when we think about everything Trump said even before he becomes president. In addition, Bruckner quotes Donald Trump's words said towards the media multiple times. It shows us how poorly is Trump's opinion about them. Moreover, there is the famous quote "alternative facts". Does such a thing even exist? I don't think it is possible to have alternative facts, if they are not facts, then maybe they are just opinions. 


What makes Ellie's article even more interesting is the fact she even gives tips and advices on how to find real news. She explains to us how the readers should always confirm the facts they read in articles, by searching for them, you'll already have more knowledge about whether or not it was truth. 


Source: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/opinion/bruckner-president-trump-poses-thr...



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