Celebrities In The Eye of the Public

by mgoth01 on Janvier 31, 2017 - 10:39am

            An area where I find it is important to express the fake news behind it is celebrity gossip. Everyday these false news articles come out and it’s all gossip about celebrity’s personal life in which certain people claim they know everything, and without even being certain they do, they publish it for the whole word to see anyways. These individual’s lives are exploited for the entertainment of the general public; often the facts these tabloids claim to have are totally false and ridiculous and only serve to create publicity. This is all done for the financial benefit of magazines and journalists. As a teenager, I know how much people look up to the media with everything they say, and with the false information that is broadcasted all over the world, with so many people following it, it leads us to a false impression of the world. There is so much false information being viewed and shared everywhere, and the issue is that everyone believes it, right away. I know that for me, if false things were being spread all over media about me, my family, my occupation etc. I would be really upset, especially if everyone just believes everything that’s put out there. It is very important to be aware that many things we see and read online are false.

The daily express (UK), posted an article, about a very famous Broadway child star, having false allegations posted about her. She was very upset over this as anyone would be. Even with something like this, it could be that some of what I read is not all the truth. We never really know. This all connects into our day to day life, never knowing whether to believe or to not believe the things we hear about. Similarly, a Quebec child physician committed suicide after disturbing allegations were made against him and were carelessly shared w the public. When someone is under inspection of the public eye, it can be very stressful and exert extensive pressure. Public figures have the pressure of being someone to look up to, a model citizen, might crack under negativity and criticism from an unsympathetic and drama-hungry society. Often, rumours are sparked by people with nothing better to do or with the explicit goal to humiliate an individual. Do not get me wrong, it is great to celebrate and publicize our celebrities, but not to waste our time spreading lies about them and putting them down.