Steps To Differentiating Fake News From Real News

by JamesHysteria on Janvier 31, 2017 - 10:16am

The article “How to tell fake news from real news” written by Laura McClure who is an award-winning journalist and the TED-Ed editor talks about how to tell if news you see on the internet is fake or real. She talks about the steps on how to tell if a news is fake or not by looking at who wrote it, what claims the news makes, when the news was published and where was the news published. The reason why I chose this article and why I think it is a credible source is because TED hosts many lectures called “TED Talk” from different people on pertaining to different fields and subjects.

When looking at who wrote the news, you must research the journalist and look at what he or she has written and their popularity. If the journalist is a well-known writer, then it tells the reader that the news is real. When looking at a news that you think is fake look at if the news is sponsored or not.

When looking at the claims it makes, real news will include multiple primary sources when talking about the claims. When looking at a fake news, it will most likely include fake sources, false URLs and or alternative facts.

When looking at when the news was published, how to tell if its fake or real news will be looking at the publication date. If it says that this is breaking news you must proceed with caution.

When looking at where the news was published, real news will usually be published by the top news broadcasting stations like BBC, NPR, The Gazette or CBC. When looking at fake news it will usually be from Facebook or Twitter.

The reason why I chose this article is because I feel that TED is a great source to learn about new information about different subjects. I find that I can learn more from watching “TED Talk” on topics that interest me and learn more about.


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