Man Put to Rest 15 Years After Conviction

by SamanthaW on Janvier 30, 2017 - 10:03am


January 27th, 2017
A man by the name Terry Edwards, 43 years old, has been executed in Huntsville, Texas over the course
of last week due to a sandwich shop holdup gone wrong that happened back in 2002.
There were two victims, shot by a gun which was given to Edwards by a man who went by the name "T-
Bone". With further investigations, cops have revealed the identity of "T-Bone" being Edwards' cousin.
Lawyers wanted to re-open the case. There was no concrete evidence that Edwards was the actual
shooter. There were some potential reasons why he was appointed as being guilty, mainly because he
was black.
The case never got the chance to be re-opened, Edwards life had already been taken, by a sedative. He
was pronounced dead at 10:17pm, CST on January 26th, 2017.
Article written by, Michael Garczyk

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