concussions a serious issue?

by mathewdupere on Janvier 30, 2017 - 12:21am

Concussions a serious issue?


This article talks about the amount of concussions there are in different sports leagues but mainly talking about the NFL or minor football leagues as this is the sport with statistically the largest number of diagnosed concussions. When it comes to diagnoses the article talks about that, saying that lots of amateur physicians do not know the proper symptoms to be able to diagnose the injury. As stated in the article the amount of recorded concussion has increased by 60 percent due to two reasons. First of all because of the greater awareness to the fact that they do exist which is good but the second reason is because players of sports are getting bigger faster and “contact is greater and more severe” which is not ideal.


In the second section the article they talk about the symptoms of a concussion and the after effects it can have on you. From one concussion they say that you will not suffer from any long term effects but it is after multiple blows to the head where you will start having. It is also stated that they are hard to diagnose because they could be asymptomatic and they say that “one study of Canadian hockey players found only 19 percent of players knew they had a concussion.” It is also very important for players and people in position of authority such as parents coaches etc. To be sure that the player is fully treated and ready to play before making any decision to let him play again because this is critical to the healing process and so there is no further damage done to the brain.


Another subject talked about in the article is the way to fix this. The most commonly known answer for that is better head protection more advanced technology in helmets, but there is more to it than that. Some doctors such as Dr Bennet Omalu thinks that children should be participating in no sport that has physical contact. Some also say that concussion education is also very important for people but it is also said that being able to spread information internationally is very difficult. There are also other solution for example in the NHL a player that deliberately tries to attack someone criminal charges may be involved. There are also many other things for example eliminating fighting in the NHL etc. All this can be approached by regular people there is no need to be part of the professional league or minor leauge for example doctors who teach concussion education or who make articles like this to spread awareness. Also engineers testing helmets and other equipment to to prevent head trauma.


This article was written by Dr. Rob Hudson and Dr. Brandon Spradley in “The sport journal” and published March 4th 2016. This from a reliable source because the article has lots of sources noted at the bottom of the page and has many in text citations.


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