Racism Assignment 3

by GianLeNinjaDeKonoha on Novembre 16, 2016 - 12:33am



Heinze and DeCandia’s study investigated the relation between prior believes of students about white privilege and racism and the results after a whole semester studying multicultural psychology. The goal of this study was to see how and why the students’ answers to the questionnaire would change after taking the course about white privilege. The study was conducted on 104 students from the class that were all white and that accepted to take part of this study. The students were asked to complete grids according to what they find to be true to false about racist comments. Also, they were asked to identify themselves as being white or of another race. After a whole semester, they were asked to answer the same questions and the results were taken and studied. The first main discovery of this study was that students were now able to notice and tell how differently they were treating as a white person compared to a minority of black people. Furthermore, the authors proved their hypothesis by finding that racism exists along a continuum. A lot of the students also with the course of the semester realized that they were in fact racists, which was previously denied by them. This harsh punch of reality also lead student to be a lot more open about their racial and their understanding of race and racism was much enlarged. One last finding was that during the semester, many started to doubt about their identity as a white person. Concluding this study, there were some limitations since it was only possible to get the point of view of white people


In my opinion this study was a great idea. It was very interesting to see how people change once they are educated. As we saw in class, white privilege is very present in or society and it is way easier to spot if you are a minority. White people even though white people are the main focus of white privilege, they do not see it as clearly as black people of persons of a minority group. This study is very good and very strong because it was made over the course of 4 years and really passed people of all classes. There were rich white people and poor white people but both experienced the same changes throughout the semester. The drawbacks of this study were that only the white people’s perspective were studied and there was no other input by other races or people of different colour.


Heinze, P. & DeCandia, G. (2011). Assessing the Learning of White Students on Themes of White Privilege & Racism. Multicultural Education, 19(1). 20-23. Retrieved form Proquest online database.

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