Parents as a stress relief ?

by greenwood98 on Novembre 15, 2016 - 2:39pm

Parents as a stress relief?

                 The research article "Racial Socialization in Transracial Adoptive Families: Does it help Adolescents Deal With Discrimination stress" by Leigh A. Leslie, Jocelyn R. Smith, Katie M. Hrapczynski and Debbie Riley, examines if there is a link between the role of parents and the bond between discrimination and stress faced by young international  or domestic adoptees. The researchers explore the following topic by focusing on whether or not racial socialization by Caucasian parents helped  reduce the link between discrimination and stress within transracial children.   The research was studied under three main questions: "1. is the frequency of discrimination  related to the stress experienced by the adoptees? 2. Are parents' racial socialization practices related to the stress felt by the adoptees? 3. Do parents' racial socialization practices reduce the link between discrimination and stress? The researchers hypnotized a positive answer to all three of these question, which also a represents their main hypothesis which stated that racial socialization done by parents does have a positive impact on children and helps them reduce the amount of stress related to racial discrimination. In order to collect data these researches conducted an online survey. The participants included 59 parents and children , however in order to be eligible for the completion of the survey individuals need to be white adoptive parents, the children needed to be an adopted child who is classified as a minority as well as in an age range of 13-18 years old and lastly the child needed to be in the adoptive home by the age of three years old. The independent variables for this study was the frequency at which discrimination was experienced for question one and two whereas the independent variable for question three was racial socialization, the dependent variable in all three cases was the stress level experienced by the adoptees. The results found indicated that individuals who experienced low discrimination levels and good racial socialization demonstrated a reduction of discrimination related stress. Furthermore, the results also show that those with higher racial socialization but lower levels of discrimination demonstrated a higher sense of stress. Lastly, the finding s demonstrate that in cases of higher discrimination and high racial socialization by parents, children show lower stress numbers.  In conclusion, the author believes that racial socialization does reduce discrimination related stress in most cases, however, the author also mentions that this study has various limitations such the small sample size, the elimination of other factors that may influence the stress of teenagers. Therefore the author believes that more research should be done to confirm the significance of parents racial socialization in relation to discrimination related stress. 


Leslie, L. A., Smith, J. R., Hrapczynski, K. M., & Riley, D. (2013). Racial Socialization in Transracial Adoptive Families: Does It Help Adolescents Deal With Discrimination Stress? Family Relations, 62(1), 72-81. doi:10.1111/j.1741-3729.2012.00744.x



            I believe the article "Racial Socialization in Transracial Adoptive Families: Does it help Adolescents Deal With Discrimination stress" by Leigh A. Leslie, Jocelyn R. Smith, Katie M. Hrapczynski and Debbie Riley is a good research article. it explores  an issue that is not often studied. Furthermore, transracial adoptees may have a hard time adapting to their biracial environment as well as dealing with discrimination. on the other hand white parents may avoid or omit to talk about racial bias or discrimination because as Caucasian individuals they cannot really relate to the issue of being a minority. Therefore, I believe that this study can  promote the idea that racial socialization  is important and therefore  white  adoptive parents can be coached or warned that they can actually help their child overcome discrimination related stress even if they are the superior group. However, I believe that the downfall of this research is that it they did not take  into consideration the other factors that adoptees may be discriminated by or other factors that the participants may believe cause stress; neighbourhood, friends, school inequality ,etc. Overall, I believe this was a good article with a good  research topic because I believe that every children should feel comfortable with who they are as well as where they come from even if they do not have the same skin color as their family.  This way a child sense of mix identity will be something they are proud of rater than something they doom. 

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