The Chernobyl Plant

by Clochette on Novembre 10, 2016 - 11:23am

           In the early year of 1986, Chernobyl plant located in Ukraine exploded. The nuclear power plant was built near the city of Pripyat which caused many dead lives. Moreover, the men working in the plant died immediately after the accident. Nowadays, people intoxicated by the tragedy are suffering from thyroid cancer. However, the Chernobyl plant is now open to the world and is a beautiful place to visit. The Chernobyl plant have causes serious damages in Ukraine.

            First, the Chernobyl accident was terrible. To begin, it was a nuclear plant. Chernobyl was composed of  four reactors full of radioactivity. In fact, only reactor number 4 exploded. The tragedy began when workers had to follow the orders of the foreman. that is to say, the orders were not the right ones and not safe. Chernobyl fact found that: "Shutdown to perform routine maintenance on reactor number 4, in violation of safety regulations.". Their mistake become the worst of history. Therefore, reactor 4 overheated since the workers did not do the work properly. Chernobyl facts explain that the men eventually produced more nuclear reactivity instead of stopping it. To sum up, the explosion was horrible and left the air full of nuclear reactivity.

            Second, important consequences were seen on the environment and on humans. To begin, the soil had been contaminated with chemicals such as Caesium and Strontium, which stays in the ground for many years. In fact, trees nearby the plant were killed by high level of radiation. Lives Sciences says that: "This region came to be the `Red Forest` because the trees turned a bright ginger color". That is to say, to eliminate some of the radiation, trees were bulldozed and buried. Actually 200 000 Sq/Km were contaminated. Moreover, the contamination killed more than 28 workers at Chernobyl. In fact, Caesium and Strontium filled the air. Those chemicals are rapidly ingested through the air and tends to localize in the thyroid gland (Live Sciences Contributor). That is to say that, since the nuclear explosion, 6000 cases of thyroid cancer have been diagnostic nearby the Chernobyl plant. In sum, the explosion was a great disaster for the nature and the human being.

            Third of all, Chernobyl is nowadays a beautiful sanctuary. In fact, people come from all around the world to visit the Chernobyl plant. Chernobyl facts says that: "World's most unique wildlife sanctuary". the site had been reconstructed and now welcomes families and travelers.

            To conclude, the nuclear accident that occurred in Ukraine was enormous and destructive. First, the explosion was terrifying. Second, it contaminated mother earth and the human beings. Finally, it is nowadays a beautiful sanctuary site were people come and visit. It would be interesting to visit the Chernobyl plant one day.

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