Racial profiling has destroyed public trust in police. Cops are exploiting our weak laws against it.

by meg52 on Novembre 6, 2016 - 11:05pm

  Racial profiling is an issue that has been plaguing this country for centuries, however today lives are being taken for the blatant ignorance of the ones who are supposed to keep us safe. Black Lives Matter is a movement that promotes the importance of the lives of African American people being executed by police. Eric Garner is an example of a young black unarmed man being targeted and killed for simply no reason at all. In an article in the Washington Post, Ranjana Natarajan a clinical professor and director of the Civil Rights Clinic at The University of Texas School of Law explained the Eric Garner case in depth. She stated, “In Garner’s case, for example, police targeted him for the petty crime of selling loose cigarettes — the types of crimes black people are targeted for at higher rates — and then attempted to arrest him with a chokehold, banned by the department” (Natarajan 2014). If this does not seem to be enough to get one's attention about the clear racial biased in this country then maybe this next statistic will. “ In a 2011 report, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights found evidence of widespread racial profiling, showing that African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately likely to be stopped and searched by police, even though they’re less likely to be found possessing contraband or committing a criminal act” (Natarajan 2014). There has been no direct link that proves that African Americans commit more crimes than any other race. This constant racial profiling has discouraged African Americans, when it comes to trusting police. It has also put “good cops” in a harsher light because of the cops who are committing these crimes.




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