Virginity in different cultures

by dainguyen267 on Novembre 4, 2016 - 10:36pm

            Nowadays, when sexual behaviors are publicly and openly portrayed through television and other electronic media, viewers, specially people in a development period when gender roles, sexual attitudes, and sexual behavior are being shaped, will have a different perception regarding virginity of a woman.  In addition, the movement for gender equality has successfully broken down barriers between women and men. Thus, it leads to a dramatical change in conservative attitudes towards virginity and premarital sex.

            In the western society or developed countries, the concept of staying a virgin until marriage is moderately disregarded. Women are no longer being judged by their virginity, society uses the same standard that they apply to men to judge women instead. However, virginity still plays a key role in Asian culture, particularly in rural areas. Indeed, a virgin woman is always higher respected when they come to marriage. Virginity in Asian culture and some Africa countries are not only an evident to prove that there is no sexual intercourse, but also it represents for the dignity of a woman. Moreover, religion is also another factor that makes virginity plays a very important role in some cultures or human perception.