She's The Boss!

by jander18 on Octobre 29, 2016 - 11:27am

Do you think women are often stereotyped in the workplace because of their gender? Do you prefer a male boss to a female boss or vice versa or does their sex not matter? Nowadays Woman have taken on major roles in the workplace. Rather than the stereotypical phrases such as “Women belong in the kitchen” Now century’s later women are bosses, doctors, teachers and so much more. Well even though times have changed, am sure there are still some men who struggles with taking orders from women. What do these men think of the fact there could be a woman president? Are these the men voting for Trump, It’s scary that there are people in the world so sexiest still?  Will our world ever be less hateful? Still to this day woman get harassed walking down the street, being called names, being whistled at. This happens in the workplace too. Men and woman have different traits they bring to the table as bosses. Woman are more compassionate and understanding. Men are more direct than and not as compassionate as woman. With such different traits I believe this is what makes men have a difficult time taking orders from woman. So what is your opinion on this topic?

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