Kyocera Dome Osaka

by 032 Elsa on Octobre 28, 2016 - 1:38am

In Japan, there are many eye-catching buildings, for example, Tokyo tower, temples such as Zen temple in Kyoto called Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), shrine, and so on. They are buildings peculiar to Japan, so they are popular among people overseas. Also, Osaka prefecture in Japan has some eye-catching buildings. One of them is Kyocera Dome Osaka. It is a very famous baseball stadium in Osaka. Kyocera Dome Osaka has changed since it was built. So, I am going to introduce Kyocera Dome Osaka.

Kyocera Dome Osaka was built in 1997 as the third multipurpose domed stadium in Japan and the home field of Kintetsu Buffaloes, a professional baseball team. At first, its name was “Osaka Dome,” but it was changed “Kyocera Dome Osaka” in 2006, and it is often called “Kyocera Dome” or “Kyocera.” It is nine stories high and has 55,000 seats, so many people can enter it. Also, the exterior of the Dome is characteristic, especially, the roof. Its shape is unique and like UFO, and I have never seen the roof of other building like this. In addition, present Kyocera Dome come to adapt the international baseball meeting. For example, the indication of the ball counter on the scoreboard was changed “Ball Strike Out” from “Strike Ball Out,” and artificial turf was also changed to match with American one. Kyocera Dome has been improved since it was built. I have been there many times, and whenever I go there, I am surprised that it is very huge and clean.

Kyocera Dome is a baseball stadium, so it is mainly used for baseball games. Now, it is the home field of Orix Buffaloes, a professional baseball team. Therefore, most of baseball games, which are played in Kyocera Dome, are the games of Orix Buffaloes. However, other professional baseball teams such as Hanshin Tigers also play the games in Kyocera Dome. When it is used for professional baseball games, it has field seats. The seats are on the ground, so people who sit on the seats can watch the games nearby. Also, Kyocera Dome is used to be played not only professional baseball games, but also amateur and high school baseball games. Therefore, I think that all baseball fans enjoy watching baseball games in Kyocera Dome. Actually, my brother likes watching baseball game, so he often goes there to enjoy it.

In addition, Kyocera Dome is used as not only baseball stadium, but also hall of some events. For example, the other sports games such as martial arts and American football are played there. Also, exhibitions, entertainments are held. Moreover, Kyocera Dome is used to hold live concerts, and a lot of live concerts have been held by famous Japanese and foreign singers. Kyocera Dome has not only arena, but also hall called Sky Hall, so some of these events are held in the hall. I am not a baseball fan, but Kyocera Dome holds some other events, so I enjoy going there.

In conclusion, Kyocera Dome Osaka is famous in Japan because it is one of the five great domes. Unfortunately, I think that some people believe Kyocera Dome is a baseball stadium only, especially, people who do not live in Kansai area. Present Kyocera Dome has been renewed, so you can enjoy various events, gourmet, and shopping as well as watching baseball games. Therefore, if you have opportunities to visit Osaka, please go to Kyocera Dome.


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