Protesters getting out of control, is violence really the answer?

by JulianLa on Février 10, 2013 - 9:54pm

During a protest in Montreal, 36 people had been arrested according to an article from the Montreal Gazette by The Canadian Press on February 9th 2013. The protests were against Quebec's northern development plan. It was only on the second day of protests that they had been arrested due to the use of violence. The protesters had damaged nearby buildings and a flare gun was fired. The Police had stated that protests could be tolerated, however, not violence. 

It's not like protests are that uncommon these days, however when violence is involved something is wrong. Protests were never made to be used for violence and unlawful acts, but as a way to show what everyone is thinking and what they would want to be changed. Using violence just shows that the people wanting change are too immature and demanding, resulting in the fact that they don't really deserve the change they want if they can't act civilized enough.