A 21st Century Racial Crusade

by Larbz on Octobre 21, 2016 - 9:07pm

A 21st Century Racial Crusade

One month ago, three Kansans sought to detonate a bomb on an apartment complex (and a Mosque), so that all its occupants,Somali-Muslims, may disappear in a tragic but necessary death for one sole purpose; spark a new Crusade (Wootson, 2016, para.1). Although it might be an isolated event, its origins are well rooted from a religious and racist ideology, ignited by the media and certain influent and ignorant people. Let’s make it clear, being Muslim does not make you part of a ‘race’, and the author did not explicitly mention the term racism, but this situation at this extent, stems from the idea of racism. Indeed, they believed in their inferiority, because of the significant difference between their cultures. Perhaps, they felt that they’re culture, country and religion, were put in jeopardy because of the presence of these ‘nonconformist outsiders’. In the last few years, members of this faith have become racialized, mainly because of xenophobia and a misunderstanding of the basis of this religion. To quote American rapper Nas: “[humans] fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer”. Muslims, especially Somali Muslims, naturally stand out from the crowds. Especially so, if it is in a homogeneous and non-pluralistic setting where they are visible minorities. These Somalis were scapegoats; none of them were terrorist or killers, they were just regular citizens with 2 visible differences (Being black and Muslim), enough to make them, just like African-American in the 17th century,  an easy target for racism. My personal observation has found that this is a genuine issue that divides our society ( by both the young and the old). Whether it is through extreme actions like this one or something minor, say a Facebook memes, there are those who think that Muslims are a problem. The only solution to this problem is for them to conform to the ways of a ‘free’ society. Islam is often seen by its opponent as an archaic, submissive and violent religion, whose only goal is to bring about the end of western societies. Some Westerners fear it and think that if they do not take actions (i.e. hate it), then this religion will subdue them. And so, when you fear being attacked, it is in human nature to take defensive or offensive measures. Being a black woman who wears the hijab (head scarf), my sister has been the victim of this type of racism. Many a times was she looked down upon, denied access to certain services and called a ‘terrorist’; she is a target of individual and explicit racism. Just like in the article, she was in a predominantly white setting and sometimes feared for her life. After the Orlando shooting, and a mosque got burned down, but certain people commented that it is shame that nobody was inside, it gave my coreligionist a sense that our presence isn’t appreciated. They genuinely think that we are the same enemies their countries are off fighting, and this is extremely dangerous. It is my opinion, that these ideas can only exist where there is no diversity and where people fear others because they haven’t been around them and realized that they are not the monsters they are generally thought of. Notice that in plural and culturally diversified cities, this way of thinking is not so present. Kids grow around these minorities and they become accepted as people who cause no trouble and bring benefits to society. In years to come, when the whole of society becomes mixed, will it finally be the end the end of Islamophobia?

Work cited: Wootson Jr., C.R. (2016,October 15). “It will be a bloodbath” :inside the Kansas militia plot to ignite a religious war. The Washington Post. Retrieved from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/15/it-will-be...

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