Land of “some” Free

by nnolting on Octobre 4, 2016 - 1:33am

Beginning in the middle of August the National Football League dove head first into controversy. Designed by owner Jerry Jones and wide receiver Jason Witten, the Cowboys wore a helmet decal during early preseason games reading “Arm in Arm” showing their love and support for the police officers all over and most importantly the ones who have been slain.   However, around August eleventh, the Dallas Cowboys were denied their permission to wear the decal in their efforts to support the five fallen officers during the sniper attack in Dallas. Not only were they not allowed to wear the decals for the regular season, they were prohibited from wearing them for the rest of the pre season games. I understand the NFL has a strict uniform policy and does not want discrimination towards anyone or anyone to get offended. The one thing I do not understand is how the NFL allows players to sit and kneel during the national anthem because they believe black people are oppressed against in the United States. It began with Colin Kaepernick during preseason, and now there are over twenty-five players that have chosen to not honor America and kneel during the national anthem. Not only that, but the NFL will not discipline the five St. Louis Rams that walked into the stadium doing the “hands up, don't shot” gesture. If the NFL is allowing players to disrespect our country in the exercising of their right to freedom of speech I believe that they should allow for a team to wear a decal supporting their fallen officers. It is sad to see that the NFL will allow players to bring extremely controversial topics into the National Football Organization but will not stand along side cops and the loved ones of fallen officers. 


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