Another Black Man Life Made Public

by gcurtis_97 on Octobre 3, 2016 - 11:31pm


After reading “What We Know About the Details of the Police Shooting in Charlotte” The value of a Black man's life is not seen as valuable as the white man's life. It seems like every time someone read the newspaper, turn on the tv and watch whatever news station, the stories are the same, another black man life now made public. Every time a minority is killed by the police it’s either he had a gun on him or he was a potential threat to society. It is important to read and talk about this article to spread awareness and to make it known to minorities that today in this society they are more of a target than whites. As I was reading this article I thought about the black lives matter movement and how it just shouldn't be a black lives matter movement it should be an “All lives matter movement”. But how can I overlook the black lives matter movement by saying All lives matter ? That would not do justice to the struggle of black lives especially black men in today's society and how the criminal justice system continues to target, isolate and trap black men as felons.

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