Colin Kaepernick: Kneeling for a Cause?

by pw0311 on Octobre 3, 2016 - 8:18pm

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers quarterback, took the country by storm with his decision to kneel down during the performance of the National Anthem at the beginning of the football game in attempt to protest all of the injustices put forth by police officers and their wrongdoing by supposedly targeting African Americans and using unjustified excessive force. In TIME Magazine’s article by John Mcwhorter, people are being accused of not seeing the larger point because they do not know the real definition of patriotism. Also what was explained was that no matter what, the idea of cops as racist, will never change. Because even if a white police officer shoots a black person, people will immediately jump to the conclusion of it being racist without becoming informed of what actually happened. For example, the Michael Brown case. This case caused outrage among black communities because they immediately called it racist solely based on the fact that a white officer shot a black teenager. When in reality Brown was confronted after he fit the description of a liquor store robbery and when put inside the vehicle, Brown reached for the officer’s gun prompting the other officer to open fire. This is just one of the many cases where officers were being accused of racism for doing their jobs. Kaepernick’s protest is just an example of voicing his own opinion that was blown up by the media to make it a bigger deal than what it is. Though he may be disrespecting the flag, Kaepernick has the right to protest for causes he believes in. I personally do not agree with his protest, however I also do not agree with protests against him such as burning his jersey and so on. He has his own right for peaceful protest that was given and protected by the men and women who fight for the flag which is why most view it as disrespectful and degrading, as it makes them feel unappreciated for all the hard work and bravery that is put forth.

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