Women get a fighting chance

by erin_blodgett on Octobre 1, 2016 - 2:26pm

The ban on women in ground combat has finally been lifted. In Gayle Lemmons’s (2016) article “When women lead soldiers into battle”, it is explained how women are finally getting the equality in the military. They now have the chance to become commander in chief in the military. Women take up 15% of active duty in the military and work just as hard to protect our country. Now, they have an equal chance at being a commander. Women have every right to be in the same positions as men. They too are going out there and risking their lives.

Gender is no longer a bar the have to overcome. This is a great chance for women in the military to prove the unfair stereotype of women in the military, down, Many people assume women can’t do it. Little do those people know that women in the military have to do all the same things as men do, and the ones in the military were chosen, they proved that they are fit to serve the country. They are chosen because they are fit, not because of their gender, so people shouldn’t doubt their ability, just because of their gender. There are women in the military who showed their ability ten times better than the male that got kicked out did. Now, they have a chance to prove that they are just as good as the men in the military, and get the credit they deserve.

It’s important to be reading about this issue because for so many years women have been shot down just because of their gender and it’s not fair. In the military especially, women are willing going out and risking their lives just like all the men. They should be getting the same credit and opportunities because of that.



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