Oxfam, for an Equal World!

by Cynthia_pare on Mai 9, 2016 - 1:46pm



There is so much problems on the planet that could be overcomed by stronger wills of inhabitants. Most problems that we face nowadays are caused by men “cleverness” that sometimes can be very destructive. The planet is starting to age, because of her tiredness of men’s fights. Citizens, children, women, men, foreigners are tagged, but  now it is time to stop putting names on what we see and start being one whole that support each other.


Oxfam is an organisation that is involved in many issues in the world. Poverty is their center of attention. Oxfam's official page on the internet reports that their way of functioning to be the most efficient possible in their contribution is to give to other related issues that can have a remarkable impact on poverty. So, they do not necessarily invest all their time and money directly on the housing services or on better salaries of itinerants, for example. Instead, they touch areas that could contribute long lastingly to an improvement in the domain. First, giving a voice to those that are considered inferior grants the idea of having equal human rights in the society. It eases up their escape of their terrible financial situations. In other words, they represent the poor in political decisions and in their claims. Also, fighting for the justice of women greatly affects the economy by having more workers on the labor market. Women are recognized to be the most numerous to live in poverty. Plus, being implied when a natural disaster hit an area of the world saves many lives. It allows underprivileged and needy victims to have the help and health services they need. Moreover, working for fairer land policies leaves less aside poor citizens that struggle to have something from the natural resources, because less is given to the country for its own prosperity. Besides, securing the system of global food supply like this organisation does, ensures a better food distribution. The planet has plenty to nourish the whole population. However, some just have too much, whereas others go to sleep with an empty belly. Lastly, contributing to the financial push to basic services, such as health and education favorises a better human development of poor human-beings. The goal there is to diminish the inequalities that give all the power to the rich and nothing to the rest. Therefore, Oxfam’s success on poverty’s mentorship is dependant on other supervised problems that are taken to heart and trying to be solved just as well.

Link of volunteer work with article

As my volunteer I participated to the “Marche Monde” as an assistant to the security that was happening on the 6th of May 2016 in Montreal. The goal of that walk was to show the solidarity between citizens and movements a community can create. These kind of protestations help to build a better world by influencing people that a world with justice and equality is more probable with a mass participation and a peer coordination, which is called new power. One of my previous news summary called: “Immigrants:not different!” addresses the subject matter of new power. In that case, The New York Office of Immigrants Affairs was the organization that inspired many by helping immigrants to adapt. However, without devoted employees being the leader in that field area would have been impossible. The same thing applies to the “Marche Monde”, Oxfam is the leader, but without volunteers and the participation of  Montreal the event would not have been on the calendar. To improve a situation and make a change new power is necessary. The point of the walk was to remind people that yes human-beings as selfish as they are and as attached to money they are that between co-livers of the planet earth respect and justice are not always to the rendezvous. Cutting down trees, polluting the air and the water are the solutions for thanking mother nature of our creation. The Marche Monde says that on the other hand that is destroying and creating injustice to the environment. The walk protests against such behaviours that some think are normal, but that in fact are just cruel and inhuman.

 The organization also fights against other causes, such as the one I have been addressing the whole semester: the  newcomers’ integration.  Foreigners and immigrants when they enter a country’s border are tagged as strangers. Their adaptation requires help of organizations to teach them how to behave like a Quebecois, for instance. Until then, they are put apart. Chinatowns in cities are good examples. In fact, they are small cities in big cities. The news summary “The Chinatown Resource Guide” on the PBS website explains where Chinatowns come from and I quote here what it says“ Racial discrimination and repressive legislation drove the Chinese from the gold mines to the sanctuary of the neighborhood that became known as Chinatown.”  They used to be a threat to the American’s economy, so isolating them was the solution at that time. The law was even prohibiting a marriage between a non Chinese and a Chinese. (Chin, par. 3)To fit in the society and to be free to be successful none could be uniquely Chinese. Unfortunately, it is still the case in 2016. Still today, Immigrants that are settled in that area are victims of discrimination and exclusion. They are often unemployed or dealers of health problems that live in disagreeable conditions. (Chin, par. 18) That article made me realise that unlike what we think the world has not evolve that much. Therefore, events like the one Oxfam organised on this Friday 6th of May are essential to yell to the world that injustices and inequalities are still present. It is a none sense that the situation is similar today, in 2016 then in it was in the 1840s when the first Chinatown appeared. (Chin, par. 2)  

Volunteer: The “Marche Monde”

Location: Jeanne Mance Park, Montreal

My job as an assistant to the security was to make sure that the event was done in a safe environment. In the morning,  welcoming the bus drivers that were dropping children from various different schools to then give them instructions on where to park was what I what assigned to do. Then, the whole team I was with was divided by being spread in the streets in certain neighbourhoods to block the way to the automobilists. The walk was therefore able to happen without worrying about the traffic. So, helping the police to maintain a safe environment was the point. We were following the walk to temporarily close the roads that they were marching on to avoid mixing cars with the numerous walkers. A person was needed at each intersection that could lead vehicles to end up on the walk’s itinerary. As that person, putting a fence in the streets and guiding all the automobilists, who their daily routine was affected were my main tasks. I was at the same time, helping those that were lost in orienting their way to avoid the event and I also I was securing the surrounding. A lot of people were mad, even if it was for a good cause, because they “were late to work” or they “had an appointment” and the “Marche Monde” was delaying them of ten precious minutes. These kind of protestations should be more present, I think in the daily life of the Montrealais to change the mentality they have. Their work or their appointment to the hairdresser for instance do not have any impact globally. Complaining or avoiding the traffic are direct actions that express the non caring feeling of our modern world. They do not care enough to prioritise the event before their lag. Their own personal time is more valued than such events that help to build a better world. When they talk about such concerns that the “Marche Monde” was protesting against to their family and to their friends they dream for a world that justices and equalities are prevailed, but when it is time to do something their routine or the status of their wallet takes over. I was using my bike as my means of transports for the travelling necessary from street to street.


Critique of the Volunteer

“We regret to inform you that we must close your account”

“Oxfam helps some 25,000 of Zaatari's residents by providing drinking water, toilets and showers, community centres, hygiene promotion and waste collection.” The tank of water showed is where the water is stored.

It is a water tank reproduction of the image above made by a team of seven students. I am the photographer and it was taken at the Jeanne Mance park in Montreal.


It was great to see that so many stood for the cause. People from everywhere in the planet as immigrants or traditional Quebecois were attending the event with all their energy and faith to try to have an impact with new power. It has been successful in the influence it brought. Talking about my personal experience, I learnt a lot! Some students used the event to promote ideas Oxfam values. For instance, the first picture above shows an Oxfam water tank model that is put in camps where refugees are settled. And, in the second picture, it is a functional reproduction made by some university-level students that to share the concept they build one to then bring it to the event, in the Jeanne Mance park of Montreal. I did not know about these ways of storing water before and that proves the power and the efficiency the organisation can have in the world. It convinced me that I made the right choice by volunteering for that organisation, because they are concretely involved and they have the power to improve the society. They not only aim to bring progress in the fate of poverty, but they already invested a lot of time and money.  It had been worthwhile! The “Marche Monde” had been a success, since many Montrealais were interested and were asking questions on how they could get implied, which is the goal. The only problem I see with events like this is that it says that it promotes justice, but the environment was not respected that much. With the numerous detours automobilists were forced to take it created more pollution with greenhouse gases emission. Moreover, the need of mobilising quite a few policemen that were not walking around, but riding around with motorcycles or cars are not ways to promote an eco friendly society. For the years to come, Oxfam should discuss and analyze the co2 emission they bring with that walk and try to find ways of diminishing the number.

In conclusion, I think that as citizens it is our duty to give back to the community by giving a little of our time in volunteer opportunities. Participating to the walk Oxfam was organising helped me to be a better human-being. It allowed me to learn about effective methods that actually can be beneficial for a specific issue. Plus, seeing all these individuals a hundred times more involved in the society than I am made me want to be just as implicated. New power can change the world rapidly and the more a society is unified the more it will succeed to bring change and evolution.

​Here is a link to give a good idea of the great mass participation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSNRF0x3oFg