Say No To Play?

by chelsea-martin on Février 7, 2013 - 10:24am

Montreal families are not pleased with their children’s ice rinks being destroyed, according to an article posted on CTV news Montreal on February 5, 2013.

Stated in the article, children who live in the city have been using the back alleys to make ice rinks to play hockey, which most consider “a winter tradition”, but last week the ice rinks had been destroyed by salt placed there by the city. Anie Samson, mayor of Borough, stated that there was a complaint made; someone was scared that they were going to fall and that it was dangerous. Samson stated that she was unaware of the way the alleys were being used and the issue needs to be resolved. Parents however, had already started making new rinks after the old ones were ruined. One Parent said that Montreal should support the children playing, most people complain about how inactive they are, yet now that they are trying to play, they are being denied.

I’m pretty sure while watching one episode of TV, people will see about 3 commercials telling kids to get active and to start playing again. Yet here we see children trying to be active, trying to play, and getting turned down by the city for it. It’s stated in the article that the alleys aren’t normally plowed during the winter, and with the amount of snow we’ve gotten this year, that would render them unusable. So what does it change for citizens if the alleys are covered in snow or being used for the kids? Everyone complains about children being inactive so this should make them happy! Also, living in the city generally means apartments, so they don't have the opportunity to build a rink on their property or to play ball hockey on a residential street like most would on the south shore, because in Montreal there aren’t many yards or residential areas. This is a safe way for the children to play and have fun, which they deserve to do, like stated in the article; it continues a winter tradition. It’s pretty unfair that these kids don’t get to play in their own city; I hope the mayor finds a balance because these kids are trying to be active yet their attempts are being denied, which isn’t right.

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