Preventable deaths

by catherinegamache on Mars 30, 2016 - 6:39pm

In the article “New report shows an increase in homeless deaths in B.C.” published by CBC News on March 29th, shocking information were revealed. The author, Rafferty Baker, explains in details that homeless deaths are increasing the Canadian province of British Columbia.  It is stated that according to the BC Coroners Service, homeless deaths have increased of 70% since 2013. 46 deaths were reported in 2014, this number does not seem like a lot but the number of unreported deaths is much higher. Barb McLintock from the BC Coroners Service states that the data is clearly incomplete. The number could go as high as two times the number previously provided by the Service if the unreported deaths were counted. There is no program or organization that gathers information about the homeless people living in British Columbia. Moreover, these deaths could be preventable. If only these people had a place to stay or even just to sleep in security, multiple deaths could be avoided. For example, Anita Hauck, a homeless woman died after being trapped inside a clothing donation bin. One cold night, a fellow homeless person was freezing so Hauck climbed into a clothing donation bin to get this person something to warm him up. But, she got stuck in the bin and suffocated to death. I believe that if these homeless persons had a safe place to sleep this tragic event could have been avoided. Overdose deaths and suicide are also preventable. This is why, on April 8th, I will donate some of my time to the Accueil Bonneau. This non-profit organization offers food, beds and different services such as hairdressing to Montreal homeless people. On this day, I will help with the distribution of food. Finally, throughout this day I plan to smile and try to talk to as many homeless people as I can because sometimes a simple smile can change the life of someone.