Meals on Wheels

by Mr.Bean on Mars 20, 2016 - 9:09pm

If you, the readers, are interested in making some fun volunteer work, near your house, and you have an interest in helping the poor,  the Centre d'Action Bénévole of Saint-Bruno (CABST-BRUNO), Les P'tits Bonheurs is currently looking for individuals. This organization, located in Saint-Bruno, is currently launching a service of Meals on Wheels for its clients. They are looking for drivers and delivery man to deliver the meals in Saint-Bruno.

Doing some volunteer work at the CAB means working for an organizations that assumes that all the people are equal, regardless of their age, gender, race, economic status, religion or sexual orientation. The mission of the Volunteer Centre is to help the poor, as well as people with special needs, temporary or permanent. The home support for seniors is one of its main obejctives. According to their values, the beneficiaries are not, in any way, indebeted to anyone for the services they received, and free voluntary action is an essential component of a healthy society. 

If you are interested in taking action with The Centre d'Action Bénévole of Saint Bruno, you can contact them via E-mail( or phone((450) 441-0807)) or you can fill out the form on their website.