Race reflections

by Ceilek on Février 11, 2016 - 10:07am

We all would like to believe that racism has been dealt with and that the civil rights movement paid off and solved the issue. However, looking at the news recently provides a glimpse into reality and shows us that in truth, that it could not be further from the truth. Instead, we see a world where white supremacists work in the shadows and where we teach our police officers that black people are more likely to commit violent crime. Because of this, police brutality against people of color is one of the leading issues facing our society today. During the civil rights movement, there was no intention on the side of the white supremacists to hide their goals. They publicly lynched anybody sympathetic to the black cause. This type of racism was far easier to beat than what we see today. It brought horrible images to the minds of any black sympathizer and gave a fighting point for people to fight around. The “enemy” was clearly breaking laws and therefore was able to be taken down through the courts. Today however, the war is fought on a psychological level. True there are cases where murder is committed opening the door to legal reproductions, but more we see it in terms of police brutality. Although one would say, isn’t that against the law? The answer is yes, but it is hard to convict.

Most citizens view the police force as the group of people responsible for their safety. Because of this, they also see them as something beyond human. Some sort of perfect entity that is incapable of doing wrong. This leads to an issue when these same people do do something wrong because many people are too afraid to accuse them of the deed. Instead, they blame the victim, “Oh, he should not have reached into his pocket,” “oh, he looked like a criminal because of his sweatshirt.” Too many times, we see this sort of defense coming from the public after a man has shot and killed a perfectly innocent teenager. How can we claim to have succeeded in the civil rights movement when we are so obviously no further?

The presidential candidates are all vying for the same place, to be in control of our country. They’re debating everything from the Syrian refugee crisis to health care and yet, the issue of race in our home country has not played into the main stage the way many of the smaller problems have. It is true that we saw Bernie Sanders take on black lives matter when they took his stage but for the most part it has played a relatively small role.