Race Relations in the U.S.

by ecarey on Février 11, 2016 - 10:07am

Elliot Carey


Race relations over the past hundred years have changed drastically, for better and for the worse. What America has seen as a nation of many diverse groups of people is inequality, social injustice, and overall apathy. This is not including however the great triumphs made in order to correct these grievous mistakes by individuals, groups, and movements.

America historically was a nation built on slavery, but it has also been built on rebellion and civil disobedience. This hypocrisy has allowed the civil right’s movements to flourish and fight against corrupt systems and political entities as both Blacks and other scrutinized groups of people to stand up to oppression through both peaceful and violent ways with varying degrees of success.

From segregation in Mississippi to the lynchings all over the south, Black people understandably became fed up and frustrated with the world they lived in and realized that the only way to change it was one person at a time. To stand up for one's rights is to draw attention to the struggle that is the civil right’s movement, but with the struggle comes a very important victory of the recognition of rights for all types of people, regardless of color. The movement is not over, as we see internalized racism drawn out of communities with the rapid succession of police brutality cases against African American males and females. Truly, the movement may never be over, but the fact that it is still alive is a testament to its determination and the strength of every individual that drives it.

To some the civil right’s movement is a recognition of equality, to some it is a ways for a better life for the next generation, and to others it is a way to get back at a system that has historically and still currently discriminates against people of color. Regardless, the civil right’s movement is still around because the struggle for equality is not over and it is apparent that people do not understand that. Movements like Black Lives Matter and others have risen up to grab the attention of the media and make people witness the violence committed against black people.

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