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The topic of this paper is on depression amongst college students. Overall, the paper will mainly analyze the causes and effects of this issue in the United States and Canada, whilst comparing the causes of student depression that are unique to students’ in their respective countries. While also attempting to create solutions that could help solve these issues and make students’ time in college a much more pleasant experience.

College student depression is a social issue mostly because of how widespread it is amongst college students; in a study performed by the University Of California in the fall of 2014 upon 153’000 first year students, the researchers found that students’ self-rated emotional health level averages had lowered to 50.7%, the lowest recorded to date (Eagan, Stolzenberg, Aragon, Suchard, Hurtado, 13). The researchers also state that depressed students tend to be dissatisfied with college and struggle developing a sense of belonging amongst the other students and school as a whole (Eagan et al., 14). The authors also found that students’ success levels were heavily influenced by their levels of emotional health (Eagan et al., 13).

The source of this depression comes from a variety of places. The most popular response, according to 53 first-year nursing students was an overload in schoolwork (Dzurec, Allchin & Engler, 548). Since the first year students have a harder time adapting to the college ‘lifestyle’, isolation and loneliness are also causes for depression amongst college students, as well as attempting to maintain their families’ expectations, dealing with stress, and creating a clear plan for the future (Dzuec et al., 548).



Is it possible that the education systems on the college level in both the USA and Canada require a reform? (Political science)

Do students who partake in a specific program (with higher difficulty level) have a higher chance of becoming depressed? (Psychology)



Depression as a whole can definitely be seen at the individual level; after all, everyone deals with daily events differently than others. Some students may have a higher chance of becoming depressed if they study in a program with a larger workload. However, depression amongst college students can also be seen through a communal perspective, as it is very possible that students of all programs can become dispirited by similar issues. 


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