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by 005 Yohei on Décembre 17, 2015 - 2:00am

Thinking about TPP

              This “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” will become an important agreement for the countries which will participate. This agreement will decide rules, laws, the taxes and many other things for the countries. But this might be a negative effect against Japan and also for other countries too. Today I want to write about how it will give good and bad effect to Japan and other countries.

              The basic rule of the TPP is to eliminate the tariffs, and to unification the rule of service and criteria. If there aren’t any tariffs many products will be able to import and export easier than now. Also the service and the rule’s unification makes punishment easier too. Investments’ rule changes as well. The food related products that were announced by the Japanese government are Rice, meat, fish, dairy products, wheat and alcohol. The tariffs will not be eliminated soon, though a few years later all of the tariffs of these products will be.

              My opinion about TPP is that the “main” country is deciding about everything. I feel Japan is only following the orders to establish Japan’s expectation. I can understand that it’s important to listen to other countries’ opinions, but in the same time we should appeal. But this agreement maybe have more merits than demerits. It depends how the government will succeed in the agreement. Also the media should announce about the agreements more often. For my opinion people’s recognition about TPP is lower than other news. To know about the TPP, we can know about our future. TPP is connected to our life and all of it is established by the government. I don’t know how the recognition is in other countries, but the mass media needs to announce and notice the citizens that there is a remarkable change in their life.

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