Bad news for BlackBerry

by sandrinedoucet on Janvier 31, 2013 - 10:06am

Research in Motion(RIM) who have now changed their name to BlackBerry(BBRY) have been getting a lot of attention around the world in the past week with the launch of their newest products the BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen.

On the day of the official launch, Wednesday, January 30, 2013, their stock went through a 12% drop in value. 

Michael Babad reports for the Globe and Mail on January 31 the surprising numbers and overall reaction of the public.

As BlackBerry wants to establish themselves as a true competition to Apple, Samsung and Google who are currently the world leaders with the iPhone, Galaxy and Android smartphones. They have developed a new advanced software with competition-worthy features.

What is surprising about the launch is that as soon as the presentation started their stock value went downhill and went from being worth $19 in November and closing at $13.86 on Wednesday.

Serious lacks from the phone have surfaced such as poor battery life, lack of certain apps such as Netflix and a change too drastic for current BlackBerry users. There is also an extreme delay for the United States where the BB10 will only be available in March 2013, when Canada and Britain will have an early release in February.

Overall, the launch failed its main mission to create a "buzz" around the event and gain major attention from the media and consumers.

Being an iPhone user, I'm not particularly fond of RIM, now BBRY, but since their add in early 2012 I have had a particular grudge against them. The add consisted of mocking Apple's iPhone saying "We need tools, not toys".

The sale numbers will be the only proof to show if the new BlackBerry 10 is successful, and only the future will tell.