"Give you're 110% tonight boys!" to fight racism

by MikeRomito on Décembre 7, 2015 - 10:24pm


            This article written in 2014 by Richard Lapchick entitled “ Racism still evident in sports world” speaks about the different cases of racism in sports that occurred in 2014.  In 2014 owner of the Los Angelis Clippers Donald Sterling was recorded saying racists remarks and was later removed as owner of the Clippers and was issued a lifetime ban. That wasn’t the only case of racism by an owner; on September 7 2014 an email was leaked by Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson. This email was written by the owner himself saying, “The reason the stadium wasn’t filling up was because the black crowd scared the white people and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season-ticket base.” This email was sent from the owner to members of teams’ management. Lastly instead of just speaking about the racist acts in sports in 2014 this article is also about what the Athletes did to spread awareness. This article shows star players taking a stand against racism by wearing t-shirts saying “I cant breathe” to protest against police brutality acts or in another case NFL players from the St. Louis rams took the field in a pre game by doing the “Hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in the protest in Ferguson, St Louis at the time.  

            According to the article by Darren Curnoe “Human Races: Biological Reality or Cultural Delusion” only a small amount of variation in humans is due to geographic origins, besides that we should all be grouped in a single species Homo sapiens. Yet we continue to divide ourselves into groups like white and black. It is clear to me from the article that I summarized that white privilege plays a big part in the racism in sports. A lot of these owners of sports teams are white males and they have been put in a favorable situation, which gives them this false entitlement to look down on certain groups of people. The article does a perfect job in giving examples of players doing the part to help it stop. I believe that’s the only way that racism in sports will stop, it is up to the players to take a stand, they are the role models and they are the talent. By them refusing to play for racist owners they send a message to the league and the world that they are against racism.


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