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by Motaz alafifi on Décembre 2, 2015 - 5:10am

            Law as social science is one of the greatest courses that I have ever taken because the theory of that course is to show the relationship between the law and the social science. First of all, I am going to definite the law in my own theory. Law is the rules that the country sets for their citizens or the people who came to visit the country. For example, the Canadian government sets a law for the drivers to not park on the disabled parking unless you have permission to park there. Another example of that, you cannot hit any person for any reasons, even if the person killed someone from your family or related to your personal relationships. Second of all, I am going to definite the social science also in my personal theory. Social science is a studies that relates to humans believes and behavior. On other words, everything that have affect on humans or humans have an affect on is considered a social science. For example, religion is the relationship between humans and god or gods; such as, Islam and Christian. Also, Education is the study that shows how people gain knowledge. Third of all, the relationship between the law and social science is related to how people think in the society. For example, the people in Saudi Arabia want to have the law of execution. Unlike the people in Canada they want to have the law of serve life sentence. As a result of that, we found that governments usually set acceptable laws for their citizens, so their citizens will follow the law without having problems or difficulty. There are many benefits for the law as social science. In this blog, I am going to write a few of those benefits, and I am going to explain them. One of those benefits is the crime. Crime is an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government, so the government sets laws to stop the crimes and try to narrow these unlawful practices. Also, violence is the use of physical force to harm someone, to damage property. As a result, the government sets laws to punish those people who do these unlawful practices and protect the innocents.



            In my opinion, as we had studied in the beginning of the semester, and what we have learned from Dr. Caswell is why do people obey the law is one of the most important examples of the relationship between law and social science. There are many reasons for the society to obey the law. One of those reasons, people does obey the law because it protects their life from dangers. An example of that, the people in Canada are not allowed to walk in the middle of the road because that might affect their lives. Second, people do obey the law because laws make the country controlled. An example of that, if killing is not prohibited, the people will revenge each other without thinking, for example, if someone had killed your father, you cannot make the decision and kill the person. To sum up, that shows the relationship between law and social science because the social science is study the people and the law is rules sets for those people to control them.

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