Saving Syrians

by 030 Naaaaatsu on Novembre 26, 2015 - 1:16am

Syria has a civil war. Syrian people go to the Europe countries to be saved. However, some of Europe countries are unwilling to accept them. Only Germany accept them. According to Asahi Digital, Germany has a history that the Germany’s president Adolf Hitler slaughtered Jews in world warⅡ. Therefore, Germany’s constitution says that an obligation of accepting Refugees. A number of the refugees are very huge, so Germany wants other countries to accept more. More than 17 countries said that accepting refuges. First, I will tell you about the current status of Syria and refugees. I want you to know it. Secondly, I would like to tell you accepting refugees is high risk for other countries. It was debate in class. Thirdly, I want to tell you about Egypt’s Millionaire decided to buy an Island for refugees. He decided a big project. Fourth, I am going to tell you about refugees in the world. Syrian refugees’ problem is picked up. However, Refugees’ problem is not only Syria but also world problem.

     First of all, I am going to write the current status of Syria. The civil war has started since 2011, January, 26. It is becoming to extremes. More than 220 thousand people lives were lost in the civil war. The number of Syria refuges are more than 4 million. Germany has accepted about 800 thousand, and the U.S. will accept about 10 thousand refugees. And also the refugees go to The Turkish Republic, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Lebanon, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The countries take care of the refuges as a medical examinations (including childbirth), vaccinations, and so on. The Japanese government accepted only 3 people. 

     Secondly, I would like to tell you about accepting refugees are high risk for other countries. We had a debate in a class. I was negative part. I thought that Japan should not accept the refugees. I insisted that “In general, Japan has a good safety image from other countries, so if Japan accept refugees, Japan will be lost” and continued “Some refugees have a possibility to have crimes.” A for part said that “It is advantage of accepting refuges. For example, the refuges will be laborer.” And “Even Japanese, they will have crimes.” The debate was exciting and heated up. I think that Japan has to do anything, for instance, solving a dwindling, friendship with China and South Korea, and so on. Japan has not enough money to accept the refuges. In addition, Japan sent a lot of money for being saved the refugees.

     Thirdly, I am going to tell you about Egypt’s Millionaire, Naguib Sawiris decided to buy an Island for refugees. I think that it is very good idea for the refuges. However, they need not only safety place and also houses, hospitals and other public institutions to live. Therefore, according to CNN, he will build some hospitals, schools, and other public institutions. And he continued that the refugees will be able to go their mother countries even if they move to the island. I thought Naguib Sawiris is very giving. In addition, he corporates with UNHCR that is the United Nations High Commission for Refugees: an international organization that protects refugees and helps to find homes for them.

     Finally, I would like to tell you about refugees in the world. There are great number refugees in the world. For example, according to UNHCR, over 59million and 50 thousand people are refugees in 2014. Their countries have problems that war or civil war case of racial discrimination, religions, a political issue, and so on. Therefore, UNHCR appeal to us that fundraising for refugees. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the refugees’ number become large. In 1981, the number was 11.6 million, and in 2003 was 24.7 million. It was double. 

     In conclusion, I think that the refugees’ problem is big world issue. That refugees’ problem will take a long time to solve. Therefore I think that we should eliminate war in the world. It is the best way to help them. Moreover, we need to understand other countries culture, customs and so on. Almost all cases of war, that misunderstanding or do not understand each other countries and religions. If we know other culture, we are able to make peace world in the future. 

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