Access to University should be a right not a privilege

by Juliana2 on Novembre 23, 2015 - 10:09pm


Access to University should be a right not a privilege


Education is something that is obligatory until the age of 16 in certain part of the world. Pass this age, the choice comes back the youngster to decide wether or not he wants to continue in the path that is education or take another road. However it is essential for a majority of our population to continue their studies.


A well-educated nation can do great things and become a beautiful civilization. But how can we arrive to this if our access to education is restrained. If our access to education is limited to what our wallet can afford. According to me, it is not the little percentage of rich people that can make our country a great nation. Every brain has to be put to the test and contribute in our society.


Access to university : right or privilege? Right of course! Many people do not have the money to pay high priced education. According to study made by Statistique Canada, during the rise of the cost of education in 1990 the rate of participation in universities had dropped in the customers that came from a family that earned $75 000 and less per year (Statistique Canada). Lets not imagine what would happen if the acces to university was privileged. Why deny something fundamental for a society to a part of its population.


According to the Amsterdam declaration, humanism supports democracy and human rights. It is a human right for every person on earth to have an equal access to university and to education in general. “Humanism aims at the fullest possible development of every human being” (Amsterdam Declaration 2002) how can us human grow, become better if a part of our population does not have the opportunities as the others. We are lucky to live in a country were most of us can go school. Unfortunately many countries do not have the same chance as us and struggle to get their population educated. Only rich people can have a good education because of their abilities to buy books, pay school fees and more. During the spring of 2012 in Quebec, we witnessed a “rebellion” with the students strike against the raise of university fees. They showed the rest of the world how to stand up for what is right and not be intimated by the power of politics and economy. This is what fighting for human rights means, fighting for equality. Not only between the sexes but between humans in general.




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