You Breathe, You Die

by Vlarivière on Novembre 23, 2015 - 6:25pm

The reasons why people choose to live in the cities are that all the services are closer and easier of access than if your home is somewhere in the middle of a field with your nearest neighbor living at ten minutes by car. However, this easy access comes with a price; with that many people all living in a certain area, environmental problems were bound to happen. One of the biggest issue for the megacities is the air quality, because the pollutants from the transportation affect the air quality to the point where the biggest cities in the world like Dubai and Beijing have period of smog when the particles of air pollutants are actually visible and people are warned to stay indoors to limit the effects of the air on their health.</h1><h1>So, indeed, cities are not perfect and can present major issues, but, with the example of Mexico City, there is hope that even the biggest cities will work in a sustainable manner if the necessary measures are taken. As described in the article “How global warming is making Mexico City smog worse” from the Los Angeles Daily News, Mexico City made drastic plans back in 1992 to improve the air quality which was so bad that birds died in flight. They relocated some factories and changed the public transportation system to an electric one and banished the use of gas containing lead. There was also the ever increasing number of cars in the city. There are approximately 5.5 million cars in the city and its urban sprawl. In 1989, the city tried to deal with it by limiting the number of cars permitted on the roads with a system of odd and even plates by alternating between odd plate cars’ day and even plate cars’ day. Today, the quantity of lead in the air decreased by ninety percent and lost its title of most polluted city in the world. It does face a new issue due to the climate change which is a considerable increase in temperature. At higher temperature, the air is more polluted because the particles are released faster. Even though their geography and weather do not permit the city to attain a good air quality, Mexico City proved that there are solutions, the government only needs to put time, people and money into it. Unfortunately, it is not something that all governments are willing to do because they do not believe that investing in the environment is a profitable business. However, the cost to treat persons affecting by the bad air quality for the health system is so high that it would actually be lucrative to do so. I believe that with efforts, cities can become sustainable and better places for people who actually live there.</h1><h1>&nbsp;</h1><h1>

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