Humanism on Paris Terrorist Act

by SGOUR. on Novembre 20, 2015 - 12:09pm

In light of recent world events, many individuals turn to their world views for consolidating. Many major religious heads have made comments on the Paris attacks and condemn the ISIS terrorist. Andrew Copson, President of The International Humanist and Ethical Union, recently commentated on the event. Copson stated that the terrorist acts epitome of anti-human ideology. He questions ISIS’ true intentions and portrays their movement as one of hate and evil. Copson goes on to explain the right way for humanist to look at the situation. He emphasizes the need for patients and rational thinking. We must first get more information on who the true enemy is before jumping to conclusions. He also stresses the fact that there are many individuals who follow the same religion as ISIS but do not have any violent intentions. This school of thought chooses to take the time to understand the situation before acting upon it which guarantees that no impulse decision are made and the general safety of bystanders is taken into consideration.

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