False Accusations of Equality Towards Muslims

by rachelstephanii on Novembre 18, 2015 - 7:14pm

      As many of you may have heard, a tragedy occurred in Paris on November 13, 2015. For those who may not be aware, there was a shooting that took place in “...cafes, suicide bombings near France’s national stadium and a hostage-taking slaughter inside a concert hall” (The Associated Press) killing approximately 127 innocent people. Reported by Makia Freeman, there are claims that perhaps this attack was committed by Muslim terrorists.  Freeman also claims that this may be “another false flag to incite fear and hatred of Muslims” (Makia Freeman).  The reason to why it says “another” is because of an attack that happened in Paris on January 7, 2015. There were two brothers who entered into the offices of the weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo fully armed killing approximately 11 people as well as injury a few. These two events have lead to fear towards Muslims. There have been countless videos and articles claiming that Islam is all about violence. This fear that we as a society may have towards Muslims is affecting the outcome of equality.

     Due to certain actions by some individuals, Islam is claimed to be all about violence therefore every Muslim is downgraded and everyone else acts as if they are superior. For humanists, justice is a necessity.  They value the dignity of each individual which concludes to the support of equality and fight against unnecessary discrimination. This thought does not only apply for humanist. The Canadian Human Rights Commission states that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is a law that protects Canadians and their rights to be treated equally. However not everyone believes in equality. In a recent CNN new report anchors Isha Sesay and John Vause downgraded a member from the Collective against Islamophobia in France along by the whole Muslim community by wanting the Muslim community to take action for what has happen.  Louati was trying to make the news anchors along with the audience understand that the actions that took place with the criminals had nothing to do with the Muslim community. He stated that “[w]e cannot justify ourselves for the actions of someone who claims to be Muslim”(David Edwards) with vauses response being “What is the responsibility within the Muslim community to identify people within their own ranks when it comes to people who are obviously training and preparing to carry out mass murder”(David Edwards). Within the new reports, the equality that surrounds everyone arises. Even though the Muslims have nothing to do with the actions that have occurred, they are still the ones who are to blame.

     The Muslim Council of Britain has shown that they disapprove of the actions that have taken place and offer thoughts and prayers to all those families who were killed or affected by the tragedy. They also state that even if the Islamic state group are taking responsibility for the tragedy “there is nothing Islamic about such people and their actions are evil, and outside the boundaries set by our faith” (Associated press).  Therefore individuals from the religion should not be downgraded and should have equality. However, with all the hatred Muslims are receiving, some actions are being taken. #Muslimsarenotterrorist started to become a trend throughout the internet. There have been countless amounts of tweets and post trying to bring back equality. One of the many being “Don’t judge a whole religion for some brainless people #Muslimsarenotterrorist” said by @ifistjames on twitter.

     In conclusion, even though there is a law passed in Canada stating that inequality is unacceptable there will always be inequality. Humanist believes it is not a way to live however fear ends up overpowering. There have always been issues with equality, and there have been many fights to try and end inequality, an example being gay marriage. Even though Barack Obama has recently created a law for acceptance in gay marriage, there will always be inequality. However, we cannot judge a society and a religion due to some actions taken by some people. Awareness for equality needs to arise and the discrimination amongst Muslims needs to stop. Yes what happened in Paris is a tragedy, but it does not mean Muslims are terrorists. The people that committed the crime are terrorists. People need to take into consideration that everyone is different, and just because they are from a different religion it doesn’t mean that they are less important or criminals.


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