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  • Reply to: Big issue in Japan   3 années 10 mois ago

    Thank you for your essay. I sometimes watch the news about drug. Famous comedians also tried to take a drug, and because of it, people will arrest by a police. Recently, very famous person was doubted to use drugs. I think drug issue is pretty serious in Japan. Therefore, your essay made me excited. Actually, I didn’t know the details and kinds of drugs. It strengthened my knowledge. I heard from my friends, you will speech about drug at a speech concert. I am looking forward to listening to your speech. I think you are interested in drug now, right. You should not use drug.

  • Reply to: Computers VS Teachers   3 années 10 mois ago

    Hi. Tune. How are you today? Your essay is always good. We want to be an English teacher in the future, however, computers may replace teachers. In my opinion, I think that computers ought not to replace teachers. I have one question for you. Why do people need teacher in the school? Because I think that teachers not only teaching his/her major to students, but also they can teach how to make a relationship. I think computers will not able to teach how to make a relationship, because computers do not have some emotions. Let’s become a great English teacher in the future!!

  • Reply to: Karoshi   3 années 10 mois ago

    Thank you for your essay. I think that your topic is interesting because karoshi is one of big social problems. Also, I often hear the word, so I guess it is increasing in Japan. I also think overwork is not necessary. If one worker die by overwork, the other workers have to work more instead of the worker, and he/she would also die by overwork. In addition, it is important for workers not to have stress. Therefore, I want the government to make a new law about labor. Also, I hope that the rate of death by overwork becomes low.
    Erika Tanaka

  • Reply to: Smoking in public places   3 années 10 mois ago

    I agree with you. Certainly, Tabaco has a lot of negative points and positive points. Seemingly, you don’t like smoker much, but I think they contribute Japanese society, because they pay special tax which is called “Tabaco Tax” it is used many facilities, it is a good positive point. However, I also feel offensive, the smell generates fighting between smokers and no-smokers. Hence, I propose that Japanese government and companies are ought to cooperate to increase smoking room. In 2020, Tokyo Olympic will be held in Japan, so there may generates confusing between Japanese people and foreign people, so the government should make counterplan against it. If they do that, the next Olympic will be succeed.

  • Reply to: Old people should return their driver’s license?   3 années 10 mois ago

    Your writing was good because I knew your opinions about old people’s driver’s licenses. I think that it is difficult to make them return their licenses soon, so the police have to be careful about old people driving a car. For example, checking on the roads, having over 65-year-old people take a medical check-up and so on. By the way, my hometown is a country and there are a few public transportations, so cars are essential for my family. I also think that Japanese government should increase the number of public transportations such as trains, buses and so on. 003 Tigers

  • Reply to: Black company   3 années 10 mois ago

    Hello. Thank you for writing a great and meaningful essay. While I was reading your essay, I was shocked because many workers suffer from working in their companies. They were expected to choose their workplace depend on their interests or something they like. However, working causes workers some troubles physically and mentally. As you mentioned, Japanese government should think about this problem and Black companies must be disappeared.

  • Reply to: What Happened In Chernobyl?   3 années 11 mois ago

    Hi. I am Daichi. When I read this essay, I could understand the accident. I think that this accident is similar to accident of Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. In 2011, The Great East Japan Earthquake was occurred, then Fukushima nuclear power plant was explosion. Many Japanese people has suffered from this accident since 2011. I think that nuclear power plant is very dangerous, so we have to quit using nuclear power plants as soon as possible.

  • Reply to: Endangered Species in Africa   3 années 11 mois ago

    Hello. Thank you for your essay. I have been interested in endangered animals and plants since before, because they become problem in the world. Also, thanks for your essay, I could learn about them more. According to your essay, there are some reasons of this problem, but the major cause of this problem is human action, and I think so. Actually, some people hunt animals and cause pollution. I think that animals are very important and also have their lives the same as human. Therefore, I also think that we, human, should consider solutions of the problem and revise our action.

  • Reply to: The Chernobyl Plant   3 années 11 mois ago

    Hi. Your essay is well done, so I read this very fluently. Anyway, Chernobyl plant’s problem gave a lot of people and countries big shock. I know that. Japan had happened accident because of the great east Japan earthquake in 2011. It attacked Fukushima nuclear plant, so the plant leaked nuclear to outside. So many Japanese people became panic even Japanese government. I was also surprised, but I didn’t understand, because the accident was so big. After that, Japanese TV news picked up accident at Chernobyl, so I learned about it. Now, Chernobyl plant is not dangerous. Therefore I think Fukushima plant can be like Chernobyl.

  • Reply to: Food Wasting Monsters   3 années 11 mois ago

    Thank you for your essay. I understood what you would like to tell us. In addition, I didn’t know the issue about food wasting before reading your essay. There are so many people in the world. People sometimes throw food which we couldn’t eat at all. However, there are many people who cannot eat enough food. We have to think the solution for changing the present circumstance of national economy and environment. Young people should work on this issue because I think young people relate to this issue than adults. At first, I will change the style of buying food. Your essay was pretty good.