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  • Reply to: Our Culture of Convenience and its effect on the Health of Kids   4 années 3 mois ago

    I agree with your point; our culture promotes sedentary life to children. Video games, TV, computers, or cell phones are all part of this subtle issue. As you explained teachers, parents and government should aim to sensitive children about the importance to practice sports.
    I think we should firstly convince parents and teachers of the importance of physical activities. Indeed, education is the key to solve this problem. There are four principal advantages that parents and teachers would like to see their children gain through sports. There is social skills, self-esteem, academic success, and lifelong health. Indeed, sports help children with there social skills throughout the interactions with their teammates and coaches. Furthermore, physical activities help children to trust their abilities and interpret criticisms as constructive rather than an insult. In addition, sports are directly related to academic success. Children learn to apply the same effort and concentration in their school works than in their sports. Finally, physical activities promote a healthy life which reduces the risks of diseases and increase the quality of your children’s life.


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    I disagree with your point; cities are area of continuous change. In other words, they are always evolving and the physical characteristics of a neighbourhood need to change several times within few years. Otherwise, the neighbourhood will become old and poor. Furthermore, gentrification is not exclusively against old neighbours, it also has some interesting outcomes for them.
    For instance, it helps the creation of new infrastructures and new career opportunities. We also observed a decline in the criminal rate and an influx of diversity. Indeed, buildings or public space are renovated with the money of the new taxpayers. In addition, the taxes also increase the funds for the local schools. The creation of new stores, café and restaurants create job opportunities for the old residents. Furthermore, the gentrification of a neighbourhood reduces the criminal rate. Finally, the neighbourhood embraces a greater diversity with the arrival a new resident.


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    Reply to: Violence Against Freedom of Speech   5 années 9 mois ago

    The information is very pertinent. I will start of by saying that there is no good side in this situation and that I have two total different opinions about Charlie Hebdo. I do not support the act of terrorism nor do I support the satiric journal Charlie Hebdo. In this case, I don’t believe in all that freedom of speech thing. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like people took it too far. Nowadays, I could be walking in the street and insulting your mother and then claiming freedom of speech. However, lately I have noticed that Charlie Hebdo seemed to denounce injustices and cruelty throughout the world. By mocking people they actually spread awareness, at least this is how I feel.

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    Reply to: Identity Crisis   5 années 9 mois ago

    Hey good article right here! I totally agree that certain country in the Occidental society undergoes issues such as gender transition. However I do believe that focusing on this and having so much Media’s attention on the subject is ironic when at other places in the World there are major issues such as conflicts and poverty. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the stakes involved, but I believe that people should just get along with how they are born. It is not a coincidence if that issue is only in the Occidental society. It is because people are too busy focusing on ‘minor’ problems whereas in other places people fight disasters.

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    Reply to: At What Age Should Drinking be Allowed?   5 années 9 mois ago

    You have some good points, even though there’s a certain drinking age there’s no way to prevent people (especially teenagers from consuming alcohol). To be honest I am not sure of what the legal drinking age should be? Nevertheless, I think that we should take into consideration that the brain is still developing until the mid 20’s so wouldn’t be better at 24 years old? In addition people tend to have a lot responsibility after a certain age such as driving, voting, being an adult. So maybe if the system considers that a young adult is ready to face all these responsibilities, maybe he’s ready to consume alcohol? Whatever in the measure taken, I believe that the most important thing to do is to do prevention so people are aware of the risk they take when they start consuming alcohol. After everyone is different so we can’t expect a perfect drinking age.

  • Reply to: Follow-up homework on defining "Extremism"   5 années 9 mois ago

    When first reading the Chambers definition of extremism, I found that it was not as dynamic as extremism really is. To elaborate, its definition talks about “holding extreme beliefs”, though I believe extremism transcends this definition and involves the implementation of these beliefs. To me, extremism revolves around doing, and not just thinking; this is why I preferred the film "Facing Extremism". This film supplies a wide array of different types of extremism, however they were all connected to the central idea of terrorism. Extremism does not necessarily mean terrorism, even though they share some traits. That being said, the film did show extremism is ever changing and how it is based on applying your beliefs. In addition, the film helped illustrate the different types of extremism we may not necessarily face on a daily basis. It served as a reminder that there are many different types of extremism, and not only religious extremism. This is important seeing as we mostly hear about this type of extremism and often forget about the different types of radicalism people around the world have to face.

  • Reply to: What the NDP Plans to do For the First Nations   6 années 2 mois ago

    I too really hope that the NDP or any other political party could be able to help the first nations people for all that they have lost from the oil crises as we saw in the documentary. Hopefully the liberal party will do something as well to help the first nations community as well since they got elected because it is a very serious issue at hand in our nation today

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    While the zero policy of the Green Party seems like a great idea, there's something about our society that could prevent this from vanish: money. As stated by the National Post, the federal debt of this year is evaluated at about 55 billion (see below). So, even if, in the short term, we don't have the budget to provide anyone with a house, food and health care, every party is working hard to make sure that poverty will be history in the long term. For now, there's a lot of organisation such as Make Poverty History which has received the support of over 280 880 Canadians.

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    It is a good article, but I think that it would be interesting to know what the money will be used for, or if not mentioned, maybe say where you personally think the money will go, based on the Liberals' economic plans. What would also be interesting would be to know if their plan to help financially students, as mentionned in this article ( is linked to this plan of deficit.

  • Reply to: NDP for an Honest Anti-Terrorism Approach   6 années 2 mois ago

    Hello Zacharie,
    I agree with Tom Mulcair’s point of view about the bill C-51. From what I have deducted from my readings, this hinders privacy of one’s Internet activities. In addition, Harper is taking a strong position regarding the conflict in Syria and ISIS: he is completely against this extremist group; therefore he is not politically neutral. He explicitly demonstrated it to us through his speeches like fighting against terrorism with the U.S. According to me, his speeches put us in a target zone by this group and the Parliament Hill shooting increased his paranoia. He took the action about building up an infallible security system to protect our country, but instead our privacy is decreasing and mostly innocent people are affected by it. Also to answer your second question about the liberals’ opinion on this bill, they might have meant to use this bill but not as extremist as Harper would have done, it could be applied in a moderate, effective, and fair way.