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    Hi Gabe,

    My students are being asked to write 2 posts on gender (one analyzing a sexist ad, another critically reviewing an article that deals with masculinity in some way). They will also be asked to do 2 comments. The instructions have already been distributed, so I can't tell them specifically to comment on work done by your students, but I can strongly encourage it. Comment dates are February 19 and April 8. The class is a World Views at Marianopolis and there are 2 sections.

    Sarah Waurechen

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    What do you think about women who are totally okay doing this? Some women nowadays want to do work sex, consensual sex work. Should they be denied it? Or what of the women who feel empowered about this?

    When you say more body types do you also mean 'obese' women, too? Tumblr (extremists, generally) definitely pushes the idea that obesity is 'okay', when it's really not. While I think in the media, generally the extreme 'skinny-ness' is pushed too hard, what if we push too hard the other way? Are we going to give people the idea that being overweight is okay?

    Going further - is the problem just with the media? We're told not to let the media influence us, and it shouldn't. But young girls are falling victim to the influence anyway, should we maybe teach them to not fall victim to it, instead of just pointing the blame at the media?

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    To start on a good note this article had good descriptive passages. Also it brings very important issues and the choice of this horrible story is perfect to put the spotlight on them. However this article only points one of the issues, racism, but forget the other one, gender and in this particular situation both are incredibly linked together. In my opinion! I do not think the same thing would have happened if this teacher was a men dating a black women. Maybe it would but giving the world we live in I doubt it. Women are usually more of a target to oppression than men. Also they suffer from a lot of discrimination in their everyday life, in politics, in the economy, in their workplace and in many other things. What I try to point out is that this story is more about a gender problem and I say so only because the victim is the women and not her boyfriend. It is not her boyfriend that loses is job at the end! Yes she is bullied and discriminate because she as a black boyfriend but even more because she is a “she” that as a black boyfriend. Therefore the “white she” in the American ideal should date “a good white straight American man”. To conclude this professional women is a victim like many others of the view that her work is less valuable and that is why her employers and colleagues allowed themselves to act like they did. Finally this article was shocking and it was a wise choice to capture the attention of the readers and point out issues of inequalities. However it would have been great if you had included the gender problem of this situation.
    Ps: if you are interested in more article of issues of women in the work place here is a great link!

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    Hi! Interesting post, but there seems to be an issue with the hyperlink. Hopefully this one will help your readers find the images they're looking for:

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    It's great to see such a detailed discussion of methodology! Trying to figure out how to collect and analyze information is an incredibly important task when analyzing these issues.

    To me, however, the comment made by ProvocativeTrash, also raises questions about the style of argumentation. It reminds me of the debates we're having about vaccines, in that both sides are now so passionate that people are talking past one another. Are some styles of debate more productive than others? And how do we move forward, when people disagree so passionately?

    Great conversation so far! I look forward to reading more.

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    Greetings to anyone waiting for the first posts from my students. This is just a warning that my school had an unexpected closure, so 2 of my 3 sections are delayed in their posts by just a few days. It's all still coming, but there will be a slight time-lag! Looking forward to the great conversations,


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    Hi Lisa,

    Unfortunately, as I told Gabe, I've already distributed my syllabus so can no longer add/change stuff, but you're welcome to hop on board and get your students commenting. I will let them know to keep an eye out and tell them to consider your class (if you give me the details) for leaving comments as well.


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    Hi Gabe,

    Unfortunately May 8 is the end of term and my students are writing exams May 6-8. Also, my syllabi and assignment lists have already been distributed :( So I can make minor changes, but nothing large like dates or scale. If you want, I can direct them to comment more generally instead of on the abstracts, but that's about all I can do at this point in time.


  • nat
    Reply to: Your Idea of Costume Sucks   6 années 11 mois ago

    First off all I'd like to say that your tittle was very captivating to me so that's what got me to read this. I'm surprise till this very day that people can even thing of doing something so discriminating just because the other person does not have the same color skin.I agree with you when you said that dressing up with blackface is extremely racist due to the fact of there pass. Even though Halloween as change from sinply costume to "sexy" outfits theses three white girls pushed it why over the edge not only that they knew what they where doing and had the courage to smile... This makes me wounder will this ever end? i think its crazy how they do stuff like this just because they think they are of a superior race even though the fact off the matter is that we are all human.

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    Hi there, I really enjoyed reading this post considering you've made some very interesting points and observations about issues I didn't quite think were issues…To me, Halloween all in all is just a complete mess. What I mean by this is that people are running out of ideas to try and come up with the most original and/or funny costume out there and too often they fetch way too far, creating this racist problematic. Moreover, I believed it’s also becoming a gendered issue in the way that girls are expected to undress and boys are expected to get ‘manly’ costumes like Batman and if that isn’t possible, it has to at least be funny or entertaining. Sadly, in many cases, this becomes offensive. Too many of these costumes are directed towards a certain group in a way that is rude and disrespectful. For example blonds, ‘nerds’, girls in general, people of color, sex object/organs…And as for girls, I find it saddening that the ‘norm’ today tells girls that your Halloween costume has to look sexy or cute and not just REAL. I am honestly all for sex positive messages but sometimes I want to tell girls that it’s okay if they want to dress up as Thor or Scream…they don’t have to be ‘Slutty Elsa’ if they don’t want or feel like it! Society has come to a point where they feel the need to alter (literally alter) women’s costumes to make them look sexier even if the said costume is just as innocent as a Teletubby. On top of that, we are starting to see this not only in women’s costumes but in girls (as in toddlers!) costumes too. I believe we need to rethink Halloween and the values we attribute to it. We need a fresh start, a day where people can actually dress up not dress down or dress to offend.

    Here's a bunch of other examples of ridiculous women costumes: