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  • Reply to: Does money buy happiness?   4 années 4 semaines ago

    I personally think that this question is primordial. Our generation is obsessed with money and owning things that we do not really need. It is important to indulge ourselves once in a while but it cannot be the reason why we are happy to live on earth. I experienced it. What I mean is that I myself realized that having stuff does not affect my happiness on the long-term (like it was written). What does affect myself on the long-term are my relationship with myself and towards others. These are true factors that influence our sustainable happiness.

  • Reply to: Do animals experience happiness?   4 années 4 semaines ago

    I also believe that animals can experience happiness. For example, I think that if a dog has everything he or she needs, then other emotions can occur. Wen the dog has a home, plenty of food and attention from its owners, it can focus on something else than surviving. Great subject and an interesting one!

  • Reply to: Free Smoothies   4 années 4 semaines ago

    This project is a great way to show people that happiness has a strong link towards healthy habits. While people are sipping on their smoothie, not only the smoothie is delicious but students can take a healthy break :) Nice project!

  • Reply to: Homelessness in New York City   4 années 1 mois ago

    I do agree that homelessness is a problem, and it is especially an issue that occurs in big cities such as New York City. homelessness can have a negative impact on homeless people's happiness. The society we live in nowadays grants importance to things that should not matter, such as physical appearance, and is quick to judge others based on their looks. Homeless people are often the victims of society's harsh critique, which can have a bad impact on their happiness. They see themselves through the eyes of others (looking-glass self) and probably do not have a positive image of themselves considering that they often lack basic necessities and cannot necessarily take care of their physical appearance. They are probably aware of it which automatically leads to a negative perspective of themselves.

  • Reply to: Should we delete bad history?   4 années 1 mois ago

    I think that it would be wrong to erase our history because it makes us who we are as a society. It is important to learn from our mistakes because we can take voluntary control to not repeat our mistakes and to learn forgiveness so that we would become better and more optimistic. Sometimes we want to forget things that happen in past to focus only on the future but sometimes it is good to learned from the mistakes we have done to become better as a human-being but also as a society.

  • Reply to: Wazing to a more sustainable transport.   4 années 1 mois ago

    Wow, I completely agree with you! Cars have a bing impact on the health of our planet and it leads to climate change. A majority of people have a car and use it everyday, it can cause a lot of traffic and also a lot of anxiety. Running out of time make people angry and stressed and the solution that you propose is really good because public transport are a good way to reduce the trafic and at the same time it is good for the planet. Pollution is a big issue for our society and materialism is a cause because people always buy more and more and it affects the health the planet. People do not need one or two car or they do not need to change it every four years! With the media like Facebook, the radio and the TV we are exposed to materialism and it is hard to resist to affluenza.

  • Reply to: Planting Fresh Air   4 années 1 mois ago

    This is a very good project. It is interesting because it also promotes sustainable happiness. Your project's goal is to improve the air quality in your school which could also potentially lead to the well-being of students as well as improving their concentration. Considering these factors, your projects also leads to higher pleasure, which comes from internal thought and cognitive effort. Adding plants to the school environment can be a great way to improve concentration and therefore cognitive effort.

  • Reply to: Action Research Project: Sustainable Fashion :)   4 années 1 mois ago

    This seems to be a very interesting project. We often hear a lot of bad things about this issue, and creating awareness to help fix this situation is a good idea. The western society that we live in nowadays contributes to affluenza because everyone wants new clothes (or think they need new ones) and they keep buying products that are not fair trade. The workers in countries that produce these clothes live in terrible conditions and often are not paid well, and their well-being is never really considered. If people were to realize that the importance they grant to clothes that are produced in countries such as Bangladesh contributes to the workers bad conditions, it would reduce the markets of cheap labour. A reduction of that high demand in cheap clothing can only happen if people stop according that much importance to clothes.

  • Reply to: The Montreal Maison du Père, a place of refuge for homeless men.   4 années 1 mois ago

    This house surely makes homeless people happier, but the persons working there are probably happier also. The workers probably think they can change the lives of other persons in a good way if they use their strenghts. A person using its strengths will be true to himself/herself and will be happy in the form of hedonism.

  • Reply to: Sunny House; Happy Life   4 années 1 mois ago

    I love the idea. This could reduce the need for electricity and it would also lower the bill in the long term. This really sounds great as each house would become a bit more self-sufficient and fewer externals resources would be needed. Just the fact of saving money brings a smile to many people, but if the person already has a good salary, the saved money may transform into materialism. Let's just hope the saved money is well used.

    In the long term, the overall cost would be lower but the initial one is higher. This may be just enough to prevent low incomes family from acquiring this technology. I think it could help the riches to become richer...