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    To begin with, your article is very well written and well structured.
    However, there is very little information being provided on the article itself, which makes it hard for me to consider if the article is reliable or not. Although the National Post, may seem like a reliable source, the author is still unknown. Therefore, the article cannot be deemed as credible because there is no background information on the author, nor any information on his educational background. For future reference it would be best to find an article with a reliable author and provide a detailed description of the article.
    Here is a credited source article that confirms your article:

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    To begin with, your article is very precise and well written. I enjoyed reading contemporary issues that revolve around us young adults and teenagers and it is important for the youth to understand the serious problems about fake news.
    Moreover, I believe that the article may not be so reliable because the author of this article has little information about him. The was no background information that was provided for him, nor did you provide his educational degree's that the other has. In addition, the reason why I believe this article cannot be considered as reliable is because it is known that real celebrities and famous people don't personally write what they post on social media, they have someone write it for them, that's why Twitter or Facebook can't be considered a reliable source to be credited.
    However, I liked the content you provided and I think it was really well presented! For future reference it would best to provide a detailed background check on the author in order to determine his credibility. Here is an article provided for you from Global News that very well confirms your information.

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    While reading your article it showed me another side of fake news which I did not look at before. An article that gives you a distinct perspective on fake news will be provided in a link below, it looks at how fake news is stimulated through social media. In fact, fake news on social media is more popular that the real news articles. The fact older people are more susceptible to believing fake news can be a bigger issue than we anticipate, most young people believe when older people tell us something. If the older person is telling a younger person something they read on fake news this can be a big issue. Also, I agree with you I do believe journalists are more inclined to tell popular stories rather than truthful ones. Media is about creating the most attention in society and things that catch our attention are not always beneficial for us to read. Also, to your point about democracy, media can be a strong tool used to make people elect someone to become president. In the United States Donald trump used this to his advantage he would make a controversial political statement everyone would talk about it and he would become more popular. One point you can add to your article to provide more insight in your topic is the study done on individuals about interpreting fake news. In your article it lists a study that was done to see the influence of fake news and who is more susceptible to fake news. All in all, I really enjoyed reading your article it was good learning new things, you just need to work on the tense of verbs and everything will be good. Well written summary which I found very interesting.

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    Fake news can be a very interesting topic as it affects everyone in society because anyone can be influenced by it. It is interesting that Ms. Berman wrote about the "war of the worlds" as this was one of the first experiences of fake news creating many to believe a false claim. Reading things like this can be beneficial to us all so we can understand what fake news is and what is real news. One thing your article may benefit from is to provide more details on the issues occurrent in your article. There were many big stories in the articles I did not find in your summary, like the interview of victims in the Connecticut elementary shooting. This aspect gives you a different point of view about fake news, as the articles are real, conspiracy theorists trying are to blame gun control and deem these situations fake. Another aspect of public influence and fake news is when countries use media outlets to broadcast fake news to sway public opinion, more will be summarized in the link provided below. Your point on having a credible author is very important as anyone can create a website and post anything they want. throughout reading your summary of fake news it was very enlightening and well written. There are small sentence structuring issues but overall it is written very well.

    This article talks about how Russia is trying to influence Dutch citizens with fake news.

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    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Reply to: Random Errors in DNA Replication Play Major Role in Cancer ... What Else ?   4 années 2 semaines ago

    Hey thanks ! I really appreciate the great comment ! I keep hoping that scientist will find a cure for all cancer soon and maybe I will be this scientist , who knows ;) I'm really interested by the subject and I hope that all of these cancer problems will not be a thing anymore in the near future !! thanks again for your comment :) Have a nice day !

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    Greetings Mirstiel. You made an excellent summary of the news about this march to promote the sciences. I particularly liked your comment about how it connects to your life. I feel very much the same way: that even though I am not in the field of science, I value science greatly. It fascinates me and fuels my curiosity at the same time that it provides us with some (definitely not all) of the answers that we seek about the world. At times, there have even been overlaps with my work as a language teacher: I've realized that researchers in artifical intelligence are working on essentially the same problems that I am focusing on. They are trying to figure better ways to learn language and struggling with the nuances inherent to figurative language, register, and contextualized language. The more that we realize that science issues are interrelated with social issues, the more that we can find creative and innovative solutions. So, march on!

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    Greetings vincentsta. Your summary was very insightful and you brought up some good points too about the impact of the findings. For example, you wrote, 'it will helps cancer victims to feel guiltier about their condition'. I think you meant to say 'feel less guilty'??? In that case, I would have to agree with you. Cancer in children and young adults who have done nothing 'wrong', so to speak, is the worst case scenario, indeed. I would wonder though about the impact on individuals who have done something 'wrong' and whether these new findings might discourage some from quitting their bad habits. Afterall, the cause of their cancer may have been a random mutation, not the smoking/drinking/inactivity/etc... Anyway, this is a terrible disease and the more we know, the better we can work to find solutions.

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    Greetings rosalielabeaume. You took on a tough subject to explain! The notion of 'place cells' is so fascinating. Thank you for sharing this with us. Sometimes with such subjects, it is hard to communicate clearly the details because of minor errors in grammar (e.g. article use, adjective order: 'prompted by the sound' should be 'prompted by sound' and 'brain mice cells' should be 'mice brain cells'.) but you do a great job inspite of these slip-ups. Also, as you point out, it seems like the method used by the scientists wasn't explained very clearly in the article. In such a controversial issue, it certainly would be helpful to formulate a better opinion on the subject by having more information! That goes to show that even the scientific community (i.e. has something to learn in improving writing skills. Especially, as was seen in the assignment too, summarizing complex scientific notions in easy to understand shorthand can be a great challenge. Great job highlighting this!

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    Greetings simonmartel.24, your enthusiasm for this subject comes through loud and clear! That definitely makes it more interesting to read when we feel that the writer is engaged with the issues and the subject matter. I also found your title very pertinent as well as very funny. What else?... indeed! It seems that every time I check the news, there is a new way we have discovered that cancer is killing us. Certainly, informing ourselves of the latest news is important, but I get discouraged in the face of such desperate times. Thus, the reason that your last comment is so crucial: You brought up a bright point by noting that nanobot technology could help the issue of mutations. And had that been included in the article on, it would have perhaps eased the pain of reading another 'hard' news story. Great work!