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by audreymo on Octobre 28, 2014 - 11:14pm


In the article “What It's Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Woman of Colour” by Eternity E. Martis, the reality of racism in our society is discussed. The main point of the article is about people who costume their self as black people in Halloween. Eternity E. Martis explained that when she was at the University of London, her and two friends were the only coloured people in the university. She and her friends went to a Halloween party and saw three white people that costumed their self in cotton picker and painted their faces in black. Firstly, she was chocked and offended but the worse happened. The three white students came to Eternity and stand up in front of her in silence with a smile. Eternity became very angry. She thought that these people wanted to confront her to make see her self in costume. She still can’t understand why people do this. Moreover, she explained that people tend to reproduced racist history instead of eliminated it. She produced a good example about if it’s been black people who costumed in white people, the consequence would have been much serious. In her conclusion, she said that is not hard to understand why is bad to painted our face in black. 


            The article “What It's Like to See Blackface on Halloween as a Woman of Colour” by Eternity E. Martis is quite chocking. I agree with her that, white people can’t costume their self as black people. Even if I’m not black, I can understand why she is chocked about the three white people who painted their face in black for a Halloween party. This action made by these white people is racist. Racism is a system with some erroneous assumptions and actions based on an ideology of the inherent superiority of one racial group over another.


These three white people knew that costumed theirs self in black is bad but they did to confront Eternity and other coloured people. I think this is worst than a person who costumes his self in Beyoncé. These three white people did this to be mean to coloured people. They stand up in front of Eternity and her friend in silence with a little smile. What is more arrogant than this? I think this is just unacceptable and I also don’t understand why they did this. This is a racist individual form, a form of racial discrimination that come from a conscious and a personal prejudice. These three students, I think, were racist. I consider my self as a non-racist person and I never would have though to do such thing.


Like she said, we should try to eliminate the racist history instead of reproducing it. Moreover, I agree with her when she said that if a black person costumes his self in a white people this would be scandalous.  White people consider their self as the superior group so they will don’t accept the minority group imitating them. In my opinion, I think both ways are bad. Costume his self as a different culture of his own is called an “appropriation” and it’s not correct.


The article of Eternity E. Martis is strong because she provided example of her own experiences. She also wrote with emotions by describing in details her feeling about the situation she lived. Also, she had good arguments to support her points. Her article created in me a lot of anger and disappointment. This article helped me to understand how coloured people felt in Halloween.




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