Two sugars in my phone, please.

by TiresiasOfThebes on Janvier 29, 2014 - 5:02pm

          There has been a new invention recently in the USA. Some researchers from the Virginia Technology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have created a new kind of battery: a sugar battery. The sugar-powered battery could replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries that have been used for decades. The scientists who created it claim that this new technology can store 10 times more energy than traditional equivalent size batteries found in smartphones. Moreover, the sugar batteries are cheaper, refillable and environment friendly, as they are biodegradable. They are often referred to as the “biobattery”. The batteries are powered by starch, which is found in high energy foods such as potatoes.

           To add to all its positive characteristics, the batteries are totally safe because they contain neither hydrogen nor methanol fuels like regular batteries. This makes the “biobatteries” safe because they are not explosive or flammable. When it comes to recharging the battery, the researchers compare the invention with an ink cartridge, claiming that it could be as easy to recharge as adding more sugar. The new “biobatteries” could be available to power certain gadgets as soon as within the next three years.

           Following the theory of truth of coherence, this new invention by the scientists of Virginia Tech University is true because it coheres with a collection of beliefs. The environment is very important for the majority of people in our modern society. The levels of pollution are really high, and this new invention would be a great way to diminish our global foot prints. However, in a few years, when the batteries are an actual realization, it will be true following the correspondence theory of truth, as something is only true if it corresponds to an actual fact for this theory. However, scientific theories often only fit with the coherence theory. Science has evolved a lot in the last millenary, which nowadays allows obtaining clear and concise proof when it comes to affirmations that have to do with the scientific world. This is a great discovery, as it will allow stopping using the traditional lithium-ion batteries, which are often thrown out to the garbage instead of being recycled.

          This invention implies that with the use of natural and biodegradable elements, our modern technological society will be able to both satisfy our needs and wants for technology, while respecting our planet and preserving it from the negative impacts of regular batteries take centuries to decompose and even then, some materials in them never decompose.  This new invention, even though great, creates questions in the scientific world about future environmental friendly inventions. This battery invention will only be able to benefit to gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and electric cars. An invention that could be used in regular car would be great, as it would allow lessening the air pollution.

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