Internet and Youth

by catherinefournier on Janvier 26, 2014 - 7:14pm

Young Canadian are now accessing the Internet on their own and with their own devices. Nowadays, fewer parents feel the need to enforce rules for their children regarding Internet use. After all, a lot of teenagers own a Smartphone or a personal laptop, parents have less control over what young adults do on the Internet. Since 2005, the basic household rules changed drastically : the rule about not meeting strangers known online or even the one about not divulging personal information such as telephone and address, are not enforced like they used to. One-third of students in Grade 4 to 6  owned a facebook account despite the fact that the age restriction is 13 years old. Teens are freely navigating the Internet without exactly knowing what are the dangers.

Parents need to discuss with their children the dangers of Internet and make sure that they are protecting themselves in the online world. It is important to simply converse about their online habits because children learn more about Internet safety from their parents than from their teachers (64 per cent for the parents versus 53 per cent for the teachers.) 

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