by Rainertaycho on Avril 20, 2018 - 12:05am

According to the article "Are current fishing regulations misguided?" by John Matson, fishes all over the world continue to decline while certain species of fishes are being driven to endangerment at an alarming rate. Governments all over the world has implemented different kinds of regulations such as selective fishing in order to reduce the likelihood of an endangered species being caught and sold. What the government did not account for are the unintended consequences such as unintentionally shifting the ecosystem out of balance. Fisheries were presented an alternative approach to selective fishing which is 'balanced exploitation'. Using this method, less selective practices would remove a huge chunk of the ecosystem without endangring any species. On the other hand, the downside to this approach is that more 'useless' species of fishes will be caught such as the bycatch. which are normally tossed back into the ocean. A solution presented to this dillema is that uses should be developed for these 'less desirable' fishes. A few of the uses presented were these fishes being used for fish oil or livestock feed. Although this alternative type of fishing is not an all cure as there are some problems where as some ecosystems are so far out of balance that selectivity is the only way to preserve the species. 


In my opinion, we should start fishing less and less in order to allow the ecosystem to recover once it does, the newer generation will at least have plenty of fish to catch. Haste is waste guys.