The problems the oceans are facing

by beatricegiguere on Avril 23, 2018 - 3:59pm

The present article is exploring 7 issues that our oceans are facing. It is important to raise awareness about the destructive impacts humans have on them. It also states that we use all the good resources it gives us and we use it as a dump afterwards by dropping all our waste in it. The first problem humans cause is overfishing. We do not think about all the other species that are killed while fishing in the ocean with our big nets, causing troubles in the aquatic life. Furthermore, by taking huge amount of fishes, we are breaking the marine food chain and by consequent, starving other marine animals. The second problem is the killing of sharks. Indeed, many people catch sharks cut their fins and let them die in the ocean after releasing them. The fins are used for some kind of soups but it has important impacts on the population of sharks. Since they are high in the food chain, they do not reproduce easily, hence the population is decreasing. This practice is making the balance of our oceans in danger. The 3rd problem is ocean acidity. In fact, oceans absorbs Co2 but since we are producing way too much of it, the ocean absorbs it in too high quantity making the PH level dropping and causing troubles for the marine life to survive. The forth issue is the high number of dying corals reef. Because of global warming, many of them are bleaching making the habitat of many small species in danger. It is important to keep them healthy in order to assure a good food chain. The fifth concern is the growing rate of dead zones in the ocean. Indeed, dead zones are places in the ocean where there is no aquatic life because of the level of oxygen that is too low. This is in part caused by global warming and its growing fast pace is concerning many people because it is very bad for the health of the oceans. The sixth problem is the high level of mercury in the ocean. Ironically, we are causing this problem by polluting and it is coming back to us by the intermediate of eating aquatic animals. Actually, mercury infect the ocean due to the pollution and fishes get also infected and they finally end in our body when we eat them. This situation is supposed to rise because of the growth of even more coal plants. The last issue is the formation of the giant plastic patch on the ocean made out of pollution. Actually, it is visible from space and it concerns many ecologists. This ‘’island’’ proves that we must lower our pollution and be more careful with the maintain of water bodies. 


In my opinion, it is possible to slowdown all these issues and maintain the viability of our oceans. In fact, by lowering out emission of CO2, we would decrease our pollution and the level of acidity would be better in the oceans. This is probably a small step in the direction of the ‘’health’’ of our ocean but it would definitely make a difference. I also think it is important to raise awareness of what is happening to our water and aquatic life in order to make a difference. 

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