Availability of Water

by audreyannlemieux on Février 23, 2018 - 4:54pm

This article by “the American Institute of Biological Sciences”, talks about how water is becoming a scarce resource. As humans, we use a lot of water, to bathe, wash clothes and dishes, for production of food. Etc. However, even though water is considered to be a renewable resource because of rainfall, our over use of its availability leads to water shortages. This article stresses that the high demand for water can threaten biodiversity as well as basic human needs such as food production and drinking clean water. Food production uses large amounts of water, especially when it comes to cattle. To produce one kilogram of cereal grain, 1000 liters of water are needed in comparison to 43,000 liters needed to produce one kilogram of beef. In this article, increase in population also appears to be a cause when it comes to water shortages. Since the population is increasing more demands for food are made and these demands require the use of large amounts of water to be produced. The article talks about how many countries are already struggling to have access to fresh water for drinking. Less freshwater accessibility also leads to waterborne diseases in many developing countries and water shortages also cause malnutrition to be very present in some countries because less food can be produced to nourish the people.


I believe water shortages to be an important problem all over the world. We waste too much water, with food production especially. A good solution according to me, is to reduce our meat consumption as a society because cattle uses a lot of water. In North America, especially, our meat intake is very high compared to other countries and this contributes largely to the scarceness of freshwater in other places of the world. By reducing our meat production and consumption, we could aid in reducing malnutrition rates in developing countries.



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