The Montreal Maison du Père, a place of refuge for homeless men.

by DeborahLaroche on Octobre 17, 2017 - 11:30am

On the Maison du Père’s “about” page they inform us of the different causes of homelessness; some of which are evident like poverty and addiction. However, some of the causes may surprise many people like mental and physical health, family problems and job unavailability due to age or qualifications. To read full list here is the link to the page. 

It is no secret that homelessness is a big issue in our society, especially in urban areas like Montreal. The Maison du Père (websitesituated 550 boulevard Rene-Levesque East in Montreal has been housing and feeding homeless men for 48 years with a purpose of helping them get back on their feet. They offer, food, shelter, hygiene care (showers, washing machines, grooming, etc.), health services, administrative help (ID, taxes, budget management, etc.), social-life support (groupe activities, socialization activities, therapy, etc.), reintegration support, housing support (cleanliness, accompaniment to the grocery store, etc.), and more. In order to raise money to make all this possible, the Fondation du Maison du Père was founded in 2005. They host events and activities every year to inform the public on homelessness and to raise funds. To donate to the foundation, here is the link If you wish to volunteer with the shelter, you can call this number 514 845-0168 to make an appointment. I personally have volunteered with the organization and absolutely loved it, the other volunteers helped me find my way a round, and were very insightful about all the causes of homelessness and ways to help. 


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