Activists say Oka Crisis sparked important First Nations movements

by jesus98 on Décembre 3, 2017 - 8:26pm


As Canadian we should be all familiar with the Oka crissis which was a dispute over land between the Mohawk  people and the Canadian government, this event lasted 78 days, armed man making a barrier to prevent the government to enter there land. This made the headlines all over the world and sparked a revolution for the first nation to get they deserve, this led the population to be more aware of what was happening to these people. Lots of Mohawk are proud of what their ancestor did, they believe it keeps the memory alive, they believe that there people were in the right and they support what they did. This event which lead to the Mohawk people being able to express that they waned to have right and keep their land, showed to a lot of native tribe that they should not just obey orders. This event made the provincial and federal government realize that if they want to build something on lands that are reserved for natives, that the natives living on these land should be consulted. Tom Siddon says that this  event lead to some major progress and it was even a turning point in our natural history. A lot of people might see the Oka crisis as a turning point for non-natives to realize how the natives rights were being abused but to the native population it has created a disintegration in there society.  It took generation for people to start overcoming the trauma of these crisis, there were still tension years after this event happened, and sometime this tension led to violence between the communities. For some thinking about this crisis can bring back some painful memories, for example Simon's cousin who was tortured by provincial police to get him to talk. If we don’t want anything like Oka to happen again it is important that the non-natives and natives keep talking. In my opinion it was very tragic what happened to these poor people which had to take violence into their own hand so that they could finally be heard. The Oka crisis was a turning point for everyone in that time and we still talk about this today because it is a part of our culture and if we don’t want this to happen again we need to respect all other cultures, and let them express themselves. For me this crisis showed me that everyone has rights and that it have cause the a revolution without us even knowing. Do you believe that the Oka crisis sparked a revolution for the native people?


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