Exercise keep the brain healthy

by ann.julie.lev on Novembre 7, 2017 - 10:52am

In summary, the text says that there are a lot of benefits that exercise has on our brain. With many researches, they found that exercises have an impact on the memory, the cardiovascular fitness, and on the cognition (ability of acquiring knowledge). It also says that sports with teams were more popular; people choose team sports instead of free gym membership and home-based programs. The text explains that there is still a lot to find about the connection between the exercise and the brain. Plus, there is a significant amount of money that is being spent to find out more about this subject. Researchers don’t know how and why exercises is good for the brain, they just know that it does help.

In my opinion, it is true to say that exercise is good for the brain. Doing exercises help us change our mind and turn off our brain, which I think it’s good sometimes, especially when we are stressed with school and work. Also, studies have always said that sports were really good and important for our health and our body. Since it’s great for the body, it is automatically great for the brain. For my personal experience, sports have always helped me go through hard moments. When I’m feeling sad or mad, the first thing I do is sports. After doing exercises, I’m able to think more rationally and make better decisions. Moreover, once you started training, it is hard to stop because you rapidly see the good effects that it has on you. I think this article doesn’t teach us a lot about the subject. We already knew about the good effects that sport has on the brain. Otherwise, now we know about the will that researchers have to find out more about how and why doing exercises is good for keeping the brain healthy. You can read the full article here: https://www.aaas.org/news/exercise-helps-keep-brain-healthy-why-how-needs-more-study (Anne-Julie P)

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